A fairly opinionated topic: balloons at your wedding. Everyone seems to have a different idea; some think balloons are outdated, others assume that they’re tacky and then there’s others who adore them.

Balloons seem to have made a big comeback and are bigger and better than ever before. With artisans crafting some epic creations, we guarantee that whether you previously loved them or hated them, these photos will make you jump on the balloon bandwagon!

Image from Rachel and Brad's Wedding. Photography by Nadine Saacks mainImage from Rachel and Brad’s Wedding. Photography by Nadine Saacks

jules mainImage from Sincerely Jules’ Birthday Bash. From Urban Palate.

Teale Photography mainImage from Teale Photography

Brooke Images mainImage from Brooke Images

capri mainImage from Capri Wedding. Photography by Jake Rosenberg + Andrea Salvia

Cindy Cieluch Photography mainImage from Cindy Cieluch Photography

Youri Claessens mainImage from Youri Claessens

Geronimo Balloon Troopers mainImage from Geronimo Balloon Troopers

Image from Ruffled Blog mainImages from Ruffled Blog

Image from Not on the High Street mainImage from Not on the High Street

image ruffled pink2 mainImage from Ruffled Blog

audrey mainImage from Audrey’s Birthday. Styling by Jason James Design.

Watson Studios mainImage from Watson Studios

main Simply-Bloom-Photography-via-Green-Wedding-ShoesImage from Simply Bloom Photography

Main image from Green Wedding Shoes. Photography by Jake Rosenberg + Andrea Salvia

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