A Wedding invitation needs to first and foremost be informative and functional. But there’s no reason that your Wedding invite has to be boring!

Just like your Wedding, the invitations can be an imaginative and a personal reflection on you and your Groom, they also set the tone for your Big Day months before the actual event.

If you want something different, check out these unique ideas that are anything but mainstream.

1. Candles

Printing your invites on a candle will leave your guests with a tangible keepsake that they’ll proudly show-off in the lead up to the Big Day.

main candleImages from maziicollection.com

2. Scent

There are so many ways to incorporate scents with invitations. Stationery can be spritzed with the scent the Bride will wear on the day or scents from the bridal bouquet, or even a sample vial of a favourite fragrance can be used.

main scentedImage from lovemydress.net

3. Candy

We love the idea of edible invitations and a chocolate bar printed with all the Wedding details is sure to leave a good aftertaste and an even better impression.

main candyImage from downtheaislect.com

4. Balloon

Literally take your guests’ breath away with these balloon invites.

main ballooonImage from brit.co

5. Tea Towels

For an invite that’s both pretty and practical, try printing your invites on tea towels.

main tea towelImage from invitationteatowels.com.au

6. Personalised Illustrations

Cute caricatures and doodled silhouettes can add such a personal touch and really take your invitations to a whole other level.

main illustrationImage from ohsobeautifulpaper.com and invitationsideas.club

7. Seeds

For the couple with a green thumb, printing your invitations on seeded paper leaves your guests with all the details of your wedding as well as a fresh herb garden (if they’re lucky!)

main seedImages from botanicalpaperworks.com

8. Pop-Up Invites

Nothing compares to the childlike wonder that pop ups inspire!

main pop upImage from creativepopupcards.com

9. Fortune Cookies

Try hiding all your wedding details in some fortune cookies for a surprise your guests will love.

main fortune cookieImage from thegoodness.co

10. Sound Cards

Record a sweet message with your partner or have a sound/song that reflects your wedding theme for a quirky invite that your guests will certainly remember.

main soundImage from etsy.com

11. Coasters

Leave your guests with a charming keepsake with these coaster invitations.

main coasterImage from underconsideration.com

12. The Count-Down

Letting your invitation double as a countdown dial to the Big Day is a sure way to get your guests just as excited about the Wedding as you are!

main countdownImage from hongkiat.com

13. Origami

From chatterboxes to origami hearts, fold your way to an eccentric invite that will really impress your guests.

main origamiImage from notonthehighstreet.com

14. Chopping Board

If your wedding is set to be a celebration of great food and drink, these invitations will definitely prove that point.

main cutting boardImage from personalisedfavours.com.au

15. Scratchies

Fun, interactive invites that will keep your guests guessing.

main scratchyImage from ohsobeautifulpaper.com

16. Film Canister

Yeah, remember those? You may not use these for their conventional purpose but we couldn’t resist these nostalgic little invites.

main filmImage from ohmz.net

17. Board Game

Customized board games are a fun way for guests to play their way through the details of your wedding.

main board gameImages from One Little M

18. Message in a Bottle

Romantic and whimsical, these message in a bottle invitations would be so appropriate for a beach wedding.

main bottleImage from theweddingparcel.co.uk

19. Cupcakes

The idea of printing invites onto a sweet little box that houses something even sweeter (cupcakes anyone?) is an idea we love.

main cupcakeImage from weddingcardmansion.co.uk

Main image from Olivia and Stefano’s Wedding. Photography by Cinzia Bruschini.

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