15 Chic French Baby Names You’ll Want to Steal

In spirit of Bastille Day, we’ve rounded up the chicest French baby names you’ll want to steal.


When we think Chloé we think France’s most popular luxury fashion house. We guarantee this classic name will be cute now and in years to come.


Camille is a gender neutral name in France, made popular by Alexandre Dumas’ The Lady of the Camellias – This name is a classic and terribly cute too.


A derivative for Juliet (Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet anyone?), Juliette means youthful. It sounds super pretty and totally French!


Not to be confused with the sweet orange (although this French girls name is totally sweet) Clementine is a gorgeous French name. We can’t help singing “Clementine, Oh my Darling Clementine”.


Made popular by the most heartbreaking and gory romances in history, the story of Queen Ines of Castro and King Peter of Portugal It has most recently ranked no. 5 in France. This name is for the true romantics.


Joan of Arc’s traditional French name, this name totally has the legacy attached. The name has Hebrew origins meaning ‘God is gracious’.


This might sound a little old-school but we think it’s very chic. It originates from the Latic “clarus” which means bright and clear. Totally vintage chic.


Made popular by Florence Nightingale who paved the way for modern nursing, sparking worldwide health reform. An amazing woman with an equally amazing name.


In English the name is Margot, but we totally think the French spelling is way cooler. Margaux’s popularity in France was influenced by the wine producing French town of the same name.


A classic French boy’s name, Jacques is as cool as they get. It definitely has an air of royalty about it we think (Jacques I, Prince of Monaco).


This name has a certain chic ring to it, no? Quentin is the French derivative of Quintinus and we think it’s both cool and masculine.


Meaning olive tree this terribly cute French name is hard to beat. We can’t help think of Dicken’s classic tale Oliver Twist.


Alexis is an ancient (male) saint name. But really it’s just super cute and we think it translates really well from childhood to manhood.


The French version of Stephen, this classic name means crown. Possible name for a crown prince anyone? We think this name is unique and charming.


We’ve all seen the English Henry, but the pronunciation and spelling of the French version is way cuter. This boys name is oh-so-chic.

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