The Best Wedding Theme According to Your Star Sign

Planning a wedding can be extremely difficult, almost as tricky as interpreting the stars. What if you could use the alignment of the stars to your advantage, enticed?

Astrology may have all the answers to your wedding woes and can help you narrow down your wedding theme based on your zodiac and personality traits. So here are the best wedding themes according to your star sign.

wedding theme star sign

Image: A Magical All White Sydney Wedding Photography Paeonia Studio

Aries – O.T.T Glamour

Aries are leaders of the pack and are the first to try out a trend. So the perfect theme for an Aries is straight out glamour. Think all white florals cascading from the rooftops, stunning venues and the trendiest details.

Taurus – Whimsical Garden

People born under the Zodiac sign Taurus have an eye for beauty. A Garden wedding with plenty of lush greenery and untouched simplicity is the perfect wedding theme for Taurus.

Gemini – Modern Antiquity

Gemini’s are known to be expressive and quick-witted, embodying two personalities. They love sleek modern details with a touch of classicism so the perfect theme is modern antiquity.

Cancer – An Intimate Affair

Cancer is sentimental, sympathetic and are attached to people they keep close. An intimate affair would be the perfect wedding theme. A small wedding ceremony followed by a sit down dinner with an exclusive number of guests.

wedding theme star sign

Image: A Great Gatsby Wedding in Vancouver Photography Life Studios Inc.

Leo – Great Gatsby

Leo’s love to be the centre of attention. They love over-the-top, glitter, gold and glamour so a Great Gatsby themed wedding is just right for them. Get your dancing shoes on!

Virgo – A Three Day Event

Virgo’s have a flair for the extremes. They have no set wedding theme. They’ll have a three day event beginning with a masquerade ball, then a bridal lunch and finally a beautiful fairy-tale ceremony.

Libra – Architectural Simplicity

For a Libra the finer details are very important. They like simplicity and architectural splendour. They’ll have their wedding in a beautifully restored chateau in southern France – simple, classic and beautiful.

Scorpio – A Coastal Event

Those born under the Scorpion sign are intensely passionate and sensuous when it comes to relationships. As a water sign a beach wedding is the best wedding theme to celebrate their love.

wedding theme star sign

Image via: Shakirova Studios, Photography: Elena Zhun

Capricorn – Winter Wonderland

Capricorn is the sign of tradition and what is more traditional than a winter wonderland. Think falling snow, ice sculptures and deep coloured winter flowers.

Sagittarius – Exotic Destination

Sagittarius is the quintessential traveller of the zodiac. Therefore a destination wedding is just right. But it has to be held at an exotic location.

Pisces – Rustic Romance

Pisces are very emotionally expressive, they’ll want to share their love in the most natural fashion. Rustic romance is just the theme for a Pisces. Bohemian feels with delicate and whimsical touches.

Aquarius – Eclectic and Unconventional

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, which spins in the opposite direction to all the other planets. Hence an unconventional wedding theme is perfect for an Aquarius. They’ll have eclectic details in a narrative of splendour.


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