11 Last-Minute Things Bridesmaids Should Do Before Walking Down the Aisle

You’ve had a huge morning of makeup, hair and photos with the Bride and you’re about to walk the aisle.

In the final minutes before the Bridesmaids head into the ceremony, it’s not the time to relax; girls, here are 11 must-dos in the last few seconds.

1. Toilet Trip

This will be your last chance to take a bathroom break for the next few hours, because nothing is worse than sitting through the ‘I dos’ when you’re busting.

2. Spritz

Give yourself a spritz of your favourite perfume, so that you’re smelling fresh.

3. Lippie

Slick on another layer of lipstick to make sure you’re ready for your close-up.

4. Hide a Tissue

It’s highly likely that you’ll get a bit teary throughout the ceremony, so stuff a spare into your bra or clutch for later.

5. Skull Some Water

Especially if you’ve been sipping champagne all morning.

1Image from Lana and Samuel’s Wedding. Photography by Samuel Goh.

6. Check Your Feet

Have you started getting blisters? Do you need Band-aids?

7. Breathe Deeply

Take five deep breaths and shake out any nerves

8.  Eat a Snack

Whether it’s a protein ball, some nuts or a few lollies, get a last-minute energy fix before you walk down the aisle. It might be a while until you get another chance!

9. Pop a Breath Mint

Did you know that stress can lead to bad breath? After you’ve had your final snack, pop in a breath mint (we guarantee, you’ll need it).

10. Mute the Mobile

If your phone is with you, make sure it’s either off or on silent. This is a necessity.

11. Be Present

Spend a second to ground yourself and take in your surroundings. You want to remember this moment forever, so make sure you’re present and don’t let your mind run away with other thoughts!

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