5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Bridal Registry

Once you’re engaged and have set a date for the big day, your friends will want to celebrate you with engagement parties, bridal showers and kitchen teas. Nobody wants to come empty handed to your celebrations and the most convenient way to get the gifts you actually want is to create a bridal registry.

Putting together the perfect bridal registry to suit your future lifestyle as husband and wife can be a little overwhelming, so we’re filling you in on five tips for a stress-free bridal registry.


1. Go Online

For the convenience of all your guests, your registry should be available online. We live in a hectic world and some guests simply don’t have the time to physically go in store and search for your gift. Your guests will love you if they’re able to buy your gift at any hour of the day, wherever they may be.

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peters of kensington registry

 Peters of Kensington Products

2. Hit All Price Points

Be sure to register for items in a wide range of price points to suit everyone’s budget. That way, all of your guests can choose gifts they can afford and nobody will feel overwhelmed.

3. Get the Groom Involved

This is the one time your partner will actually want to be involved in something related to the wedding, so take advantage of it and enlist his help in completing your bridal registry, it can be a fun bonding process. After all, the gifts are for the both of you.

Peters of Kensington

Peters of Kensington Products

4. Register Early

Plan your registry ahead of time, preferably four to six months before the special event, to give your guests enough time to buy you a gift.


5. Just Enough

Make sure there’s a range of options to choose from, so that there are more gifts than guests, but avoid going overboard.That way, you’ll get all the gifts you want and not the things you’ll never use.




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