Wet Weather Options for Wedding Photos

Has the weatherman forecast rain, rain and more rain for your wedding day? Don’t fret! A bit of rain (or a lot) should not ruin your dream wedding. We’ve asked a few experts in the field to give us some tips and options for wet weather weddings.

‘You can stand under my umbrella…Ella ella eh eh eh’

“Always have a clear umbrella on hand”, explains Chris Mekhail from Life Studio’s Inc.

Try investing in a beautiful umbrella or two and keep them at the ready for the wedding day. With a countless number of spectacular images of couples caught in the rain, you shouldn’t stress about rain on your wedding. “At night when the rain starts pouring and there’s a couple standing in an open landscape with a back light behind them, we can capture some truly magical shots”, says Mekhail.

Wet Weather Options for Wedding Photos

Image via Life Studios Inc

Location, Location, Location

“Change the ceremony, but not the location”, advises celebrant Josh Withers. Often your wedding venue will have different areas both open and undercover. See if it possible to relocate the ceremony on the same property or venue “so a mass message to guests isn’t required”, explains Withers.

And a location shift shouldn’t alter the quality of your photographs. “Our number one tip would be to embrace it…A good photographer can make any location look amazing, all you need is a couple that are willing, a decent background and a dash of creativity; before you know it you’ve got the perfect romantic Notebook shot in the rain”, describes Mekhail.

Wet Weather Options for Wedding Photos

Image via Cavanagh Photography

Shooting the Backup Plan

Researching some wet weather shoot locations can be a great precautionary idea. Although the favourite location is Martin Place during the rain, it’s not always such a great idea. “With over six hundred weddings in NSW each week and maybe a hundred plus weddings in Sydney, those wet weather locations quickly become packed with Brides and Grooms lining up for a photo…” explain Adam & Kim from Cavanagh Photography.

Get creative and source locations before the wedding. With so many beautiful quirky and classy places in Sydney you’re sure find something that works with your wedding theme. Think Hotels, Surf Clubs, Bridges, Train stations, the Orpheum Cinema or Private homes. “Another option you always have is shooting at your reception venue before guests arrive”, says Mekhail.


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