10 Things Every Bride Forgets To Do

When you’re planning a wedding, there’s a checklist of ‘to dos’ a mile long and you’re not given a moment of spare time. Unfortunately, this often leads to brides forgetting a few tasks that are integral to the day running smoothly, but not as regularly discussed.

We’ve put together the top ten things that tend to go under the radar.

1. Organise Your Hotel

Where are you going to go after your wedding? It’s a question that you probably haven’t thought about because you’re too focused on the ACTUAL wedding! Splash out on the honeymoon suite well in advance to your big day to ensure you get the room for a great rate.

2. Your Last Fitting

As silly as it seems, you need to get your last fitting AT LEAST one week before the wedding. A lot can change in over seven days so the closer to the wedding the fitting, the better!

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3. Pack an Overnight Bag

You’re caught up like Usher with all the crazy wedding day details, but you’re going to need to wear something out of your hotel the morning after… and it shouldn’t be your wedding dress! Pack a few days in advance and give the bag to someone you trust to give you after the wedding. Mums are always a good option.

4. Check the Bookings

In the week before the wedding, ring up each of your vendors to make sure all the bookings are secure and that everything is going to plan. There nothing worse than your DJ walking off the decks to attend another party at 9pm, or your caterer thinking they’re providing for 150 people instead of 126. So get on your phone and get to it!

5. Don’t Forget the Music

If you’re supplying your own music, don’t forget to bring it. If you think there’s a chance you’ll overlook this, delegate to one of the bridal party. If you want to be doubly safe, save a copy of the music to a zip file and email it to yourself or add it to your smartphone music playlist.


6. Bring The Perfect Connection

If your not having a DJ and relying on your trusty phone and or iPod, BRING THE CORRECT CHARGER! Also, bring your own AUX cable. Relying on the venue’s cables can be a mistake, as the cables have generally been used for hundreds of weddings and the quality may not be great.

7. The Survival Kit!

Frizzy hair? A grazed knee? Blistered feet? The wedding survival kit will save the day. This kit is something that your Maid-of-Honour can be responsible for and will hairspray, bobby pins, band-aids, concealer, muesli bars and more.

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8. The Guestbook

This is something that you should purchase as soon as you know the theme of your wedding, because there’s nothing worse than frantically trying to buy a guestbook at the last minute in the perfect shade of peach. Whether you have to get it online or make it yourself, get it done early so you’re not running around to every CBD stationary shop the day before.

9. The Gifts

What are you going to do with all your beautifully packaged gifts? This is something you need to delegate to a friend or family member before the wedding. You and your new hubby are not going to cart them back to your hotel, so you’ll need someone to deliver them back to your home for you.

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10. Relax

If you have everything planned down to the last monogrammed wedding favour, then there is nothing that you need to stress about on your big day. You’re surrounded by a wedding party and family who are there to help if anything goes wrong, so all YOU need to do at your wedding is relax, soak it in and shake your booty on the D-floor.


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