This Is How Many Bridesmaids Is Too Many

It can be so difficult trying to figure out who to include in your bridal party. From your favourite cousins, your sister-in-law or your ride-or-die girlfriends, it can feel impossible trying to narrow it down to the most important women you want standing by your side.

While it can be tempting to have them all, it’s not exactly ideal.

Think about it.

If you’re here in Australia, you’re more than likely to be paying for the bridesmaids’ dresses, and having to dish out for 12 girls, is not going to come cheap. Also, the bigger the bridal party, the more clashing personalities you’re likely to have, so expect more arguments and many more dramas.

If you’re still swaying towards a bigger bridal party, then maybe you need some sort of limit.

We reached out to our Fairies and asked how many bridesmaids are considered too many. Of the 280 responses we received, the verdict was in.

Any number over FIVE is considered too many.

You’ve got to be a little strong when picking out your bridal party. Remember, you don’t need to include every person you hold dear; you can show them your love and appreciation in some different way and that’s totally fine. Also, don’t feel pressured to ask someone who previously made you their bridesmaid. The task is not a favour you need to return, and this is, after all, your wedding, so you do you.

Feature photo via Nathan Lapham

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