10 Mind-Blowing Ideas of Wedding Activities to Impress Your Guests!

When it comes to wedding receptions, the culinary and entertainment experiences are often a highlight for guests.

From decadent desserts and sweet treats, to live illustrations, wedding activations add an interactive and memorable element to your celebration that will certainly impress your guests.

Here are our top 10 best ideas of wedding activities to elevate your wedding reception and assist you with your wedding planning.

PASTA STATION: A Top Pick for Wedding Activities

Transport your guests to Italy at your wedding reception, with a live pasta station. Guests can customize their pasta dish with an array of fresh ingredients, sauces, and toppings.

From a classic marinara to creamy Alfredo, there’s something for every pasta lover to enjoy. The station can be enjoyed during cocktail hour or a late night indulgence to fuel your guests for the dance floor!

Photo from Navarra Venue

Because pasta is the way to everyone’s heart and certainly brings happiness at your wedding reception to your guests.

LIVE ARTIST: A Wedding Activity To Be Cherished

Capture the purest moments of your wedding day as they unfold before your eyes in a painting.

By Adrienne Monteverde

Adrienne Monteverde is a Sydney-based artist and illustrator specializing in weddings and fashion. Painting and capturing the love stories is at the heart of Adrienne’s practice. Available to paint live locally and internationally, your wedding guests will truly be captivated and in awe to watch love transform into a masterpiece. Learn more about Adrienne’s work and services at this year’s Wedded Week events.


Treat your guests to a live wedding cake-tasting station where they can sample an assortment of cake flavors and fillings.

It’s a fun and interactive way to ensure everyone gets their slice of sweetness.

Video from Sweet Temptations by Mia

Who wouldn’t love this on their wedding day? It’s the sweet mix of entertainment and something to satisfy your wedding guests’ sweet tooth! Based in Sydney, Sweet Temptations by Mia, not only creates incredible desserts, but also offers live wedding cake ensembles and tasting stations, bringing an extra sprinkle of entertainment to make your wedding reception memorable.

LIVE EVENT ILLUSTRATOR: A Unique Wedding Activity

Give your guests a memorable and creative encounter on your wedding day with a live illustrator at your ceremony or wedding venue. Your guests will love this wedding entertainment idea to have an illustrator capture their outfit during the cocktail hour of your wedding, making these sketches the perfect individualized and personal favors your guests can take home with them to remember your wedding day.

Photo from Live Sketch by Danni B

Photo from Live Sketch by Danni B

Melbourne-based illustrator Danielle Belegris is a proud partner of this year’s Wedded Week event. With over 20 years of experience, she is sure to bring a splash of colour, fun and personality with her creative eye to your wedding day or special event.

GELATO STATION: Cool Down with This Wedding Activity

Beat the heat of a summer wedding with a refreshing gelato station, featuring a variety of flavors and toppings.

Whether your guests prefer classic favorites like chocolate and vanilla or more exotic options like pistachio and blood orange, there’s something to tantalize every taste bud.

We always recommend including a sorbet flavor or two, to cater to your guests’ dietary needs!

Gelato stations are not just limited to an outdoor summer wedding, but can be also be the perfect sweet treat at your wedding reception for a winter wedding too.

Video from I Do Cinema

Arabella and James’ Italian wedding was bellissimo in every essence! I Do Cinema captured this stunning outdoor wedding underneath the Tuscan sun where guests were treated to a stunning gelato cart, adding a sweet note to this couple’s incredible wedding day.

PHOTO BOOTHS: Fun Wedding Activity for the Memories

Nothing brings people together like a photo booth! Capture the energy, excitement and all the special moments between you and your guests by including a photo booth at your wedding reception! Your guests will have so much fun, especially if there are some novelty props to use! Don’t forget to include your wedding hashtag so you can document all your guests’ photo booth festivities. Photo booths are the perfect extension to your professional wedding photos and a special way for guests to forever remember your wedding date.

Video from Open Booths

Catch Open Booths at this year’s Wedded Week Event. With their unique photo booth and entertainment services spanning across Australia, they are trusted by 1,200 wedding couples and will certainly get your guests involved and bring the magic to your event!

SEAFOOD STATION: A Gourmet Wedding Activity

This is for all seafood lovers – a seafood station at your wedding venue is the ultimate indulgence!

Wedding guests can enjoy the sea’s finest delicacies from freshly shucked oysters to a succulent shrimp cocktail. A seafood station is the perfect addition during cocktail hour before your evening reception begins!

Video from Navarra Venues

The team at Navarra Venues certainly know how to host guests and keep them happy with their grand and elaborate live food stations, just like this incredible seafood delight!

Offering menu tastings and showcases, couples can get a taste of the amazing options Navarra Venues provide across all their wedding reception venues to ensure everyone’s hearts and stomachs are full of love and delicious food!

AUDIO GUEST BOOK TELEPHONE BOOTH: Interactive Wedding Activity

Invite guests to send their best wishes and leave a secret message at the tone for the newlyweds with an audio guestbook telephone. This dynamic and fantastic idea will keep your guests entertained all night.

Photo from Take My Picture Event Co

Party supply and rental shop Take My Picture Event Co has the latest supplies and rentals to ensure your event and wedding day is a memorable one. Offering delivery Sydney-wide, hire out their Audio Guestbook Telephone Booth to get your guests feeling excited and will certainly be crowned a standout wedding entertainment idea amongst your loved ones.

MACARON STATION: A Chic Wedding Activity

For a touch of French elegance alongside your wedding cake, delight your guests with a live macaron station featuring an assortment of delicate and colourful macarons in a variety of flavors to compliment the overall wedding theme.

It’s a sweet and sophisticated treat that will add a pop of color to your dessert table.

Image from Strawberries and Co.

The macaron tower by Strawberries and Co. is an edible masterpiece to add to your dessert spread!

CHAMPAGNE BAR: Celebratory Wedding Activity

Get the party started with a toast to the bride and groom! Raise a glass to the newlyweds with a live champagne bar, where wedding guests can enjoy a selection of bubbly beverages served with fresh fruit garnishes.

It’s the perfect way to toast to love, and your happily ever after but also keep your guests involved and entertained throughout the wedding party!

Image from BarBae

This champagne station by BarBae will ensure no glass is empty throughout the night and is the perfect wedding entertainment idea to welcome your guests and get the wedding reception started.

With these 10 wedding activities and entertainment ideas, your wedding reception will surely be an unforgettable experience that will certainly leave a lasting impression on your guests.





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