You’re using glitter nail polish wrong – use this genius hack!

Ahhh, glitter nail polish; it always looks so good on the Instagram feed, but when you try and apply the dazzling diamantes yourself, it comes out patchy, gloopy and can take hours to dry.

But, word on the street is that glitter nail polish is going to be a big trend for summer, so how do you apply it like a pro?

This genius hack has been published on YouTube by vlogger Kelli Marissa.

Here’s what you need:

How to:

1. Apply your base coat

2. Line skin with latex or pvc glue


3. Brush glitter nail polish liberally onto the corner of the corner of the sponge


4. Dab the sponge onto your nail – the sponge soaks up most of the nail polish leaving behind the glitter!

5. Peel off the latex or pvc glue



6. Apply top coat and voila – glitter nail perfection!




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