Under the needle: This real Bride tries cosmetic enhancement before the Wedding

Cosmetic enhancement; so many girls dabble in it, trying everything from Botox to reduce wrinkles and fillers to create bone structure, but so many still see it as a shameful dirty little secret.

For most Brides, we try and look our absolute best for the Wedding day, watching our diet, upping our exercise programs and booking in for regular skin treatments, so one month out from my own Big Day, I decided to take the plunge and visit one of the country’s most well-known aesthetic physicians, Dr Joseph Hkeik at All Saints Skin Clinic.

After being led into the plush consultation room, Dr Hkeik offered me a mirror and asked me to point out some of my facial concerns before giving me suggestions on how we could minimise them in four <very short> weeks.

Before you check-out my incredible before and afters, here are some of the things I learnt on my journey through cosmetic enhancement.

1. It Doesn’t Hurt

On a wuss scale of 0-10, I’d be sitting up close to 9.5, so the thought of needles being injected into my face was not pleasant; however, hand-over-heart, I hardly felt a thing. The trick is to go to an experienced and reputable doctor to ensure the discomfort is minimal (laying on a vibrating massage bed like the one at All Saints Skin Clinic definitely helped)!

2. Don’t Leave it Until the Last Minute

Unlike me, don’t leave a visit to a cosmetic surgeon until four weeks out from your Wedding. Although treatments like Botox and fillers will give you results within a week, it’s so important that you have a plan with your doctor and leave enough time so they can give you extra injections should you need a touch-up.

3. Be Prepared For Immediate Results

Unlike some diets and skin regimes, using fillers means you’ll get a result that you can see immediately; in less than an hour, you can completely transform your profile, jaw line, lips and cheekbones – making it perfect for the Bride-to-Be who is super impatient!

4. It Will Give You the Perfect Bronzer Line

If you’re getting your cheeks filled (like I did), be prepared for a serious transformation of your bone structure. When done correctly, fillers can give your cheekbones that would make any Scandinavian model jealous. Another benefit? It’s so much easier to see where to apply highlighter and bronzer when you have full, structured and elegant cheeks!

before-and-afterBefore (two weeks pre-Wedding) | After (two days pre-Wedding

5. Lip Filler Moisturises Your Lips

I had filler injected into my lips to give me a slightly plumper, but still au natural look for my Wedding day. Coming into the clinic, I was experiencing some dryness on my lips (partially due to the cold, rainy temperatures), but Dr Hkeik explained that the filler will actually help soothe and moisturise my pout, because the formula that’s injected contains hyaluronic acid which hydrates the tissue!

If you’re considering fillers or Botox for your Wedding day, or you’re simply looking to tighten, tone and clear up your skin, a visit to All Saints Skin Clinic is a must. Click here to make an enquiry.

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