Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing The Perfect Jewelry For Your Wedding Look

You’ve picked out the perfect wedding dress and now it’s time to accessorize! Choosing the right jewelry for your wedding day is like putting the icing on the cake—it enhances everything else. With expert tips from our Wedded Week partners, Xennox Diamonds, Christelle Jewellery and Iklektik Ink, we’re here to guide you in picking pieces that not only match your personal style, but celebrate it.

Match Your Metals to Your Dress

Warm or cool, the tone of your dress should influence your choice of metal. For the most part, you will have already opted for a wedding dress that reflects your coloring. If you’ve fallen for a pure white gown, accessorize with sterling silver, platinum or white gold jewelry. Warmer toned gals most likely opt for ivory or off-white wedding gowns, so amp up the warmth with yellow gold or rose gold pieces. The best thing about jewelry designers, like Xennox Diamonds, is that if you love a certain design, chances are, they’ll also make it in every type of metal.

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Consider the Neckline

Your gown’s neckline really does dictate your necklace choice. Sweetheart or strapless gowns look stunning with a choker or short necklaces—we love this classic pearl necklace with a twist from Christelle Jewellery, as it adds a focal point to your bridal look without being overwhelming. V-necks are perfectly paired with elegant, longer necklaces that mirror the neckline of your wedding gown.

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Less Is More

When your wedding dress is a showstopper, keep your jewelry understated. In the immortal words of Coco Chanel, always look in the mirror and remove one accessory. Choose simple pieces that complement rather than compete with your gown’s details. You’ve spent all that time choosing a wedding gown with intricate beading, you just want the perfect finishing touch for your wedding day look.

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Echo Your Theme

If your wedding has a vintage vibe, opt for classic jewelery pieces with retro sensibilities (think a quirky Etsy pick). Or, if your big day is styled to the nines with contemporary flourishes, opt for bold and stylish jewelry. By echoing your wedding theme, not only will your entire wedding day look work seamlessly with your ceremony and reception, but it’s also a great way to gage your personal style.

Personalize Your Pieces

Why not add personal touches to your wedding day jewelry? Adding personal touches, like engraving your wedding date on a bracelet or choosing wedding necklaces that have you and your partner’s birthstones on them, is a perfect way to celebrate your special day, for now and the future. Or, personalize your veil with Iklektik Ink‘s intricate embellishments.

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Try Before You Buy

While it’s easy to get carried away when surrounded by sterling silver bracelets and strings of pearls, it’s crucial to try on your jewelry with your full bridal outfit well before your special day. Having a trial run will help you see how each piece works with your dress, hairstyle, and makeup. You might even decide that, unlike Coco Chanel’s advice, your wedding day look is in desperate need of a matching set of earrings. Or perhaps your statement earrings just don’t work as well as you’d hoped with your strapless gown. Preparation is key!

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