Top 7 Wedding Dress Fitting Tips You Need To Know

Top 7 Wedding Dress Fitting Tips You Need To Know

Preparing for your Wedding dress fitting is a pivotal part in your Wedding plans. Not only do you want to find the dress of your dreams (within the price of your reality!), but you need to be mindful of what can be a very long process.

While actual fittings typically take a bit over one hour, the actual process of trying on dresses to picking up the Wedding gown of your dreams can be several months.

With insights from renowned designers like Leah Da Gloria, Ryan Patros, Steven Khalil, Annette of Melbourne, The Sposa Group, Eternal Bridal, and Vera Wang, here are some essential tips to help you navigate the process and make the most of your bridal dress fitting experience.

Wedding Dress Fitting Process via Eternal Bridal
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1. Get Inspired

When heading to your Wedding dress fitting, it’s essential to bring along visual inspiration. We’re talking: Photos of dresses you’ve admired (even if they’re out of your budget), Pinterest mood boards, specific fabric swatches and even non-wedding dress inspiration from the red carpet.

Eternal Bridal suggests, “Bring along your Wedding inspirations, photos of dresses you’ve liked, nude underwear and minimal make-up. And of course, bring an open mind, you may fall in love with dresses that you never thought of.”

Wedding Gown Fitting via The Sposa Group
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2. Timing Your Purchase

The Sposa Group recommends ordering your gown about 8-10 months before your Wedding. This timeline allows ample time for alterations and ensures peace of mind. They note, “If you don’t have the luxury of time, our team is experienced in working with very short Wedding timelines and can offer express production and delivery services.”

While each designer and bridal store varies, start booking in appointments a year in advance – that way, you can ensure you find your dream Wedding gown, rather than having to settle on your second choice because your dream dress can’t be made in time.

Successful Wedding Dress Fitting via Steven Khalil
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3. Choose Your Companions Wisely

The atmosphere at your fitting is crucial. While you might want to bring all seven of your bridesmaids, your mum and mother-in-law, Steven Khalil advises keeping your entourage small: “It is best to keep the guest list to no more than four friends and family.

It is advised to focus on the design of your gown and discuss and confirm the design, fabric, lace, and beading options.” We recommend bringing along people who are honest, fashion-conscious and know how to communicate best with you.

Wedding Dress On The Wedding Day via Vera Wang Australia
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4. Bring Your Accessories

If you’re keen to wear a family heirloom on your special day, make sure to bring it along to any Wedding dress fitting appointment. Vera Wang advises brides to bring any specific jewelry or accessories to their fittings to ensure everything coordinates seamlessly with the Wedding gown. This helps to visualize the complete look and make necessary adjustments to the dress.

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5. A Legacy of Custom Designs

If you’ve tried on more Wedding gowns than you’d care to admit and none have captured you, why not go custom? Annette of Melbourne has been creating bespoke bridal gowns since 1975! Their experience and tradition in tailoring unique gowns mean that every bride can expect nothing less than perfection.

Did You Know? Most custom Wedding gowns are actually super simple – it’s all about it being completely tailored to you!

Getting Dressed During Fitting Appointment via Ryan Patros
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6. Accurate Measurements Matter

Ryan Patros emphasizes the importance of detailed measurements, especially for international brides or those ordering from a distance. His advice is to plan well ahead due to the bespoke nature of his designs, which can require a lead time of 2 to 12 weeks plus shipping. The Sydney-based designer creates gowns for international celebrities, so you might feel a bit starstruck in your first appointment!

Final Fitting Wedding Dress by Leah Da Gloria
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7. Final Fitting Scheduling

According to Leah Da Gloria, the final gown collection should ideally be one to two weeks before the Wedding. She explains, “That’s usually because in those last few days or weeks, brides tend to lose weight, which is pretty normal. So, collecting your dress one or two weeks before the big day means we have time to do any final adjustments.” As mentioned before, make sure to bring along any accessories, undergarments and shoes that you’ll be wearing down the aisle.

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