Your March Horoscope Is Here

Can you believe we’re already in March? This month brings us not one, but two Full Moons, otherwise known as a Blue Moon. But what does this mean for us?

Rescu’s resident astrologist, Yasmin Boland, tells us there’s no actual astrological significance to this event, though there is a symbolic one.

“The Full Moon is the time to release negativity from our lives, so March gives us double the usual chances to detox emotionally.”

To do this, Yasmin suggests creating a peaceful space with a candle and spiritual music first. “Make a list of anything negative in your life that you want to release. In particular think of anyone you need to forgive and think if you need to forgive yourself for anything.”

Are you ready for your March detox?

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Mercury is in retrograde, meaning some chaos may be coming. Prepare yourself for some relationship issues and get yourself organised to avoid losing anything important to you. See your in-depth March horoscope here.


It’s time to get in touch with your spiritual side, so tap into your Inner Self with some meditation, chanting, or yoga. March is the perfect time to learning and teaching, so take so time away to focus on that. See your in-depth March horoscope here.


You should be careful not to overwork yourself this month. Make time to take time to relax and make your personal life a priority. See your in-depth March horoscope here.


Your Love Zone will be in overdrive this month, so expect the people you care most about to take up your time. Keep an eye on people who may test you and learn from the experience. See your in-depth March horoscope here.


Baby steps are what you need to start seeing change in your life. The way you start and end your day will have a major impact, and you may start seeing a positive effect on your health overall. See your in-depth March horoscope here.


With the New Moon in your Love Zone, now is your chance to start your important relationships with a clean slate. Don’t hold onto grudges; you’ll feel better letting go of your anger. See your in-depth March horoscope here.


Mercury in retrograde is in your Love Zone this month, which may see you wanting to reconnect with former loves or better understanding your current love. See your in-depth March horoscope here.


Use the energies of March for self-discipline and take the time to think before you act. This month is all about controlling how you express yourself. See your in-depth March horoscope here.


Money will be a massive focus for you this month, but don’t let it consume you with worry. If you’re looking for some extra income, create a plan to execute this. See your in-depth March horoscope here.


Worries may keep you up at night for this first half of March. Combat this by taking time to think over your day – you’ll eventually channel this into power for the second half of the month. See your in-depth March horoscope here.


Fear is the only thing stopping you from being recognised for your great work. The line up of Mars, Saturn and Pluto in your Fear Zone can either work against you or help you overcome your anxiety. See your in-depth March horoscope here.


The focus is on money and it can go either way – you may see delays in what you’re owed or finally receive the money you’ve been waiting for. See your in-depth March horoscope here.

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