Your February Horoscope Is Here

Rescu‘s Astrologist, Yasmin Boland has all the info you need for your February stars.

“Here’s a funny thing; in my personal life, I have tons of friends who don’t really believe in astrology per se, and certainly hardly ever ask me for a reading. This past month, though, was a different story. Honestly, I have been inundated by requests from friends, acquaintances and people who want me to read for them.

I’m a big follower of patterns, so I couldn’t help notice the rise in requests. As soon as I thought about it, of course, it made total sense.

As you will remember, 2019 kicked off with not one but TWO eclipses! Of course, it’s going to be intense.

As soon as I started realising that, I felt better. I had an explanation for why so many people were going through the January mill and complaining about it either personally to me or in memes on their Facebook feed.

February should come as something of a relief to those of us who were doing it tough in January. For the record, the signs (and rising signs) most affected were, in no particular order, Capricorns, Moonchildren, Aquarians and Leos.

This month, there won’t be any eclipses, no alignments by any of the outer planets, and no major planetary clashes, making for a fairly smooth sailing month.

However, there will be a few pressure points. This includes a Mars and Pluto clash on the second of February, which will start the month off with a loud bang, a Mars and Uranus connection, as well as a Venus and Pluto connection, which will make the end of the month feel intense and even a little obsessive.

Another interesting point about this month is that for the first time in a long time, there won’t be any retrograde planets; a rare yet interesting aspect.

Of course, we can’t forget about Valentine’s Day.

On the 14th, the moon will be in Gemini, making people much chattier. It’s also looking good for long-time married couples, as they will be able to enjoy some time together where they can connect mentally and physically.

The sex planet Mars will move into sensual Taurus, so you can expect plenty of sentiment, love fantasies, and getting drunk with your beloved.”




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