Your First Horoscope of 2019 Is Here

Rescu’s resident astrologist, Yasmin Boland is back for 2019 to give you a look into your January stars and everything that’s planned for this new year.

So far, it’s looking like 2019 will be different from the past few years. With two of the trickiest planets, Saturn and Pluto being in the same place as the zodiac at the same time, they are a big focus and an indication that there’ll be a lot more drama to be dealing with. Wherever they are for you is where you have to deal with your dark side.

There will also be a lot of weirdness in 2019, but exactly where the confusion hits you is entirely dependent on which star sign you are.

On the brighter side, the lucky planet Jupiter will be ‘at home’ in the Sagittarius sign for the majority of the year, which will herald in much happier days.

However, there will be a certain twist, as Jupiter will move through Sagittarius and clash with the weird, confusing, disappointing and sometimes deceptive Neptune, thrice in the year.

In order to counter this unfavourable energy, we all need to be living in integrity, maintaining a meditative practice, trusting our intuition over logic and surrounding ourselves with people we know we can rely on.

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