Will Married At First Sight’s Bronson Norrish Be Our Next Bachelor?

The word on the vine is, Married At First Sight‘s very own Bronson Norrish is tipped to be our next Bachelor.

When news of this reached our ears, we couldn’t help but get just a little bit excited. Of course, the first thing we did was do a little digging around on the world wide web, and we’re so keen about what we’ve uncovered.

The 35-year old quickly became a bit of a favourite amongst viewers of the reality show, thanks to his nice-guy persona and his ability to stay cool, calm, and collected whenever Ines sprung on him and practically tore his head off. Because of this, fans agree that he deserves a second chance at love, and apparently, another reality show is the way to go (it helps that the bloke is pretty fit).


There are also two other well-known faces that fans think should be the next Australian Bachelor, and you know them as your favourite doctor-turned-celebrity, Dr Chris Brown (yes pls!) and The Loop’s super cute presenter Scott Tweedie.

What do you think of these three men? Do they have the potential to win our hearts and find their true love on The Bachelor? We know we’re really feeling it!

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