Which Zodiac Sign Are You Most Compatible With?

While not all of us believe in astrology, it’s hard to ignore the fact you somehow show some traits from your astrological sign.

There are days you’ve scrolled down to read the horoscopes and let’s be honest, you say to yourself ‘this sounds familiar?’ If it does, then use our guide to help you find a romantic lover in 2017!

We’re all being protected by the universe!

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Aries likes a full on, intense relationship!

When it comes to compatibility, a Gemini will bring some life to an Aries, but watch out! A female Aries is somewhat possessive, so there are times when she makes Gemini a little upset.

Aries is attracted to Gemini’s easygoing personality, and in return, Gemini will bring a lot of vitality and adventure. Celebrities, including Reese Witherspoon, Keira Knightley and Victoria Beckham are Aries.

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Taurus needs someone that they can trust!

These people aren’t blind; they can see right through anyone with wicked intentions. Who would be good enough for them?

A Cancer is compassionate, so they will appreciate and love a Taurus’ sensitivity and need for emotionality. Megan Fox, Tina Fey and Adele are some of our favourite Taurus girls.

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A Gemini is such a popular and social person!

Always wanting to be surrounded by people, Gemini’s need a match who will cater to their love of knowledge and conversation.

An Aquarius is not afraid of meeting someone in their depths and can always stimulate fascinating conversations. Gemini and the Aquarius would thrive. Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe and Naomi Campbell are the Gemini hotties.

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Everyone loves to be wooed, especially Cancer!

They just simply love surprises, not to mention a large bouquet of flowers. We think a Taurus would be best for a Cancer. They do both love to indulge and nest, while still being highly intuitive and deep. Princess Diana, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande are the perfect fit for being a Cancer.

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Leo loves the attention, and wants to be noticed as being fabulous.

We suggest Sagittarius is perfectly suited and would compliment the Leo’s need for adventure, while meeting their need for attention both emotionally and physically. Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lopez and Sandra Bullock meet the personality traits of a Leo!

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A Virgo is never in a rush for anything serious, and believes that good things take time.

A great partner for practical Virgo would be Taurus. They both share a tendency to be introverted, while appreciating harmony and the exact kind of security a Virgo offers. Beyonce, Blake Lively and Cameron Diaz are our perfect Virgos!

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Libra really cares about someone, we mean ‘really cares’!

Naturally, Aquarians are filled with passion, partnering with a Libra would be an amazing match. Their vigor for life and social situations will create the perfect lifestyle for a Libra that loves to entertain and dream as well. Kim Kardashian, Kate Winslet and Naomi Watts are our Libra dreamers.

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Scorpios tend to be very intense!

A Capricorn would be an amazing match for a Scorpio. They are patient and can deal with those difficult Scorpios and their many different personalities. Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts and Whoopi Goldberg are the dominant ones!

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Sagittarius are very independent and don’t like being smothered.

When it comes to compatibility, an Aries will always be up for wandering, and they are fiercely independent too. We think this relationship will be filled with optimism. Did you know Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift are not only music artists but Sagittarius too?

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Capricorns don’t understand how people can get so caught up in the pursuits of love. No one has time for that!

A Taurus would be great for a Capricorn. Both signs choose security over flightiness, and appreciate familiarity and comfort. Nina Dobrev, Ellie Goulding and Betty White are too busy for love!

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Aquarius is very strategic when it comes to dating.

They love to test the waters when dating someone and likes to shake things up whenever things feel too calm.

A Sagittarius will think about the future just as much as an Aquarius, and they will live a life filled with fun and exploration. Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and Jennifer Aniston are the smart ones!

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Pisces never has a hard time finding or keeping a date.

They are too charming and adorable, and can talk to anyone. A Pisces will always find a great partner in someone who will accept and appreciate their love, for it is so rare and needs to be protected. A Scorpio is similar and falling in love with a Pisces will meet their depths perfectly. Eva Mendes, Rihanna and Kesha are extremely bubbly.

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