What’s Your Photography and Videography Style?

Selecting your photographer and videographer for your Wedding day is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Your Wedding day will be cherished forever through photos/film which is why you need to choose Suppliers who will best capture your individual love story – you will relive the excitement and romance all over again! To help relieve the stress, we explain below the different photography and videography styles, options and Suppliers offering you these services.


This is for our Couples who prefer to stick to tradition. Timeless and authentic, this style pays homage to simplicity. The photographer will involve you in more posed photos with a modern take and capture the beauty of ordinary moments.  You can expect family shots and scenes captured amongst décor and beautiful backdrops. Although this style is opposite to candid, it is more universal and you will have all of the essential shots you are able to relive. James Khalil Photography resonates with a classic photography style – his work is as beautiful as it is timeless!


For our Couples wanting candid shots and videos captured, this style is for you! Increasing in popularity, the photojournalistic style captures raw, revealing and authentic moments in natural shots – the results captured will evoke a flood of emotions. The photographer/videographer will capture all of the unplanned shots and moments of love and happiness in the midst of all the action! Our incredible Wedded World Suppliers, Inlighten Photography and Dustin Ling Sydney capture your candid moments in non-intrusive ways – creating the most beautiful portraits and shots!

Inlighten Photography
Dustin Ling Sydney


Contemporary photography takes inspiration from fashion and creativity – this style is for the modern Wedding Couple! This style of photography includes editorial style shots and video, a mix of some posed shots but slightly more relaxed as the photographer will be looking for exciting angles and lighting. The photographer will learn about the Couple and who they are to better capture their love story and create shots which are a reflection of who they are. Image Haus brings a polished, contemporary and editorial approach to Wedding capture, joining you on your individual love story.


Think of cinematography as art – your memories will be a blend of creativity and storytelling. A cinematic style approach to your photo & video involves the photographer adding their own impressions of the Couple into film and creatively expressing the love and environment. All of the moments throughout your special day will be captured and interwoven to create a beautiful storyline of your Wedding day. The team at Ultimate Photography & Cinema are the cinematography experts in Sydney, representing each Couples’ unique style and story through photo & video.  Platinum Video is a Sydney based team with one focus, capturing your special moments on your Wedding day – candidly and unobtrusively through a personal approach. If you want your day captured with a cinematic approach these are your guys!

Ultimate Photography and Cinema
Platinum Video


This style’s for our Couples who prefer not to take themselves too seriously! Fun photography style captures all the funny, silly and goofy moments throughout your day – a very natural approach. Your quirky relationship will be captured, moments with your Bridal party and your guests having fun. You will relive your Wedding day as if you were there again! Checkout the amazing work by I Do Cinema, they specialise in same day edits and create timeless high quality moments you will watch over and over again!

You can redeem all of the exclusive deals from these incredible Suppliers by downloading our Little White Book. Capture your special day with these amazing offers!

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