Weed weddings are now a thing.

Weed weddings                                         Photo: Forever Incredible Photography

Weed weddings are now and thing, and nope, we’re not making this up. According to a recent Bloomberg report, flower crowns and food trucks and on the way out and his and hers joints are riding high (this is going to happen at least another 15 times in this story, FYI).

Because of the legalisation of recreational marijuana in various US states and the decrease in stigma around its use, the presence of cannabis at even the most traditionally conservative events was inevitable.

According to Bloomberg’s article, serving marijuana at a wedding reception isn’t altogether different from ordering alcoholic drinks.

Weed wedding                                          Photo: Getty

“It’s actually cheaper than liquor,” explains Adrian Sedlin, chief executive officer of Canndescent, a California weed farm, to Bloomberg. ‘’There’s a lot more buzz for the buck in cannabis than in alcohol.’’

Apparently so, with Cultivating Spirits, a Colorado Cannabis Tour company, giving couples the option of a ‘bud bar’ at their wedding for $300 for a minimum of two hours, with an additional $100 per hour after that. A typical bud bar might include pre-rolled joints, vapourises and glass pipes. Some duos even choose to add bongs, edibles and cannabis cocktails.

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A ‘budtender’ is recommended for every 35 guests, with the ‘cannabis expert’ overseeing the rolling of joints, distribution and guest safety.

“A lot of people feel like alcohol can take away from events because people can overconsume, it might not be as enjoyable or someone might cause an issue, or god forbid something worse,” says Philip Wolf, CEO of Cultivating Spirits, to Bloomberg.

‘’With cannabis, you really don’t have that threat.’’

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Despite the recent acceptance, the laws surrounding the activity are vague and leave room for interpretation, with new regulations allowing smoking on private properties and venues with the owner’s permission. Roxie Ellis, the owner of Ellis Ranch and Event Center in Loveland, Colorado, recently turned down a wedding inquiry after the bride requested a hemp bar.

‘’It’s all so new for us. We want to accommodate all of our brides and give them what they want, but until we can figure out the liability part we have to hold off,” she tells wedding publication The Knot. ‘’It may not necessarily be a larger liability than it would be to serve alcohol, but we’re still researching it.’’

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If you’re picturing a reception descending into a grey haze, the concept is far more sophisticated, with couples incorporating the plant into the bouquet (‘budquet’), the wedding dress (hemp silk, anyone?) and a first kiss-esque ‘first toke’.

We think some ‘Congratulations on your weeding’ cards could be in order…


Article written by Alison Donnellan

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