Couple have $95,000 wedding but eat at McDonald’s

Bride and groom at Maccas 1

You’d assume that if a bride and groom spent $95,000 on their wedding, the last thing they’d do is stop to eat at Macca’s.

Originally reported by Honey, the Melbourne couple forged the canapes and cocktails for burgers and chips on their big day.

Zeina Chayna and her husband Gabriel stopped at the fast food joint in between the ceremony and reception, with customers slightly surprised to see a wedding party at the notoriously low-budget restaurant.

Bride and groom at Maccas feature

‘’Random people were congratulating us and also took a few photos,” the pair told

“We really didn’t think of it being a big deal, it’s just McDonalds. It’s what we do all the time. But it was probably one my favourite parts of the day.”

After polishing off some deep-fried goodness, the bride and groom made an entrance at their 400-strong reception, mustering just as much attention from a different kind of guest!

Bride and groom at Maccas 2

In classic Lebanese style, the dance floor was rarely empty, with a troop of drummers encouraging friends and family to leave their seats behind.

Not a bad way to burn off those cheese burger calories, are we right?!

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Article written by Alison Donnellan

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