Wedding Hair Trends for 2022 with Natalie Anne

We had a chat with Australia’s leading Hair Stylist, Natalie Anne about what Wedding hair trends she predicts for 2022.

Enjoy, Fairies!

In a post-covid era (we hope) of Weddings, what do you think has changed most in Couples’ decisions around your industry/product offering?

More than ever, Couples are checking the fine print for cancellation policies due to the pandemic. They want to know and understand how our team work, so if Wedding movements do happen, there is a good chance of having SOMEONE else from our team (with our skillset and training) available. Knowing the team makes them feel safer and comfortable in the case of movement.

Are there any particular trends you see standing out for 2022 you would like Couples to be aware of? 

Mid-Week Weddings are not only becoming essential, but they’re also becoming trendy!

Yes.. everyone should take a couple of days off work to celebrate such a special occasion!!

Change-of-Hair styling before the room reveal or before the reception and having a stylist available during the photoshoots are definitely becoming more popular. Brides want to look at their photos and see 2, if not 3 looks over their day-night.

For the adventurous bride, we’re not only seeing Upstyle to Downstyle, but sometimes Short Hair extended to Long for the reception, or vice versa – long hair for the ceremony with a big chop before the reception!

It might be the ONE time this Bride can have the day be all about her.. so why not turn it into a full-fledged editorial experience!

For couples reading this- please always remember to add styling time into your run sheets if you’re wanting hair changes or touch-ups!

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Hair: Natalie Anne, Image: T-One

What piece of advice can you offer Couples in planning their Wedding for 2022?

With the influx of covid Brides from 2020 & 2021, weekend availability has become so limited.

Don’t be scared of mid-week weddings.. You’ll find that your guests will actually thank you for giving them a good excuse for a day off AND it will be more likely to have your favourite suppliers all available.

Brides, don’t leave wedding colours, treatments & trims to the last minute! The process of ensuring your hair is in its best shape so you can achieve your dream colour may sometimes take 6-12months, so plan in advance!

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With so many incredible celebrity and influencer Proposals, Engagements and Weddings playing out across the globe, what has really stood out for you as a trend that will stick?

When it comes to on-trend Wedding hair, the best advice I can give a Bride is to wear her hair the way she FEELS MOST BEAUTIFUL. A confident woman will always shine brighter, stand taller and radiate happiness. Also think about how you will feel looking back on your photos in 10, 20 or 30 years time.. Is your hair colour and style going to stand the test of time?

Hair accessories – statement headbands & earrings + bling pins are definitely making a come-back this wedding season. See my new accessory collection with Billini for inspo!

In terms of most requested hair, we’re seeing more brides opt for a softer, effortless, voluminous, textured look, rather than anything too polished or needing too much product.

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