Wedding Dress Trends For 2020 With Steven Khalil

Steven Khalil is recognised as one of Australia’s leading designers specialising in red carpet and bridal gowns. His designs are renowned for their elegance and beauty, combining classical elements of bygone eras with a contemporary edge. Reviving elements of a classical era of European couture, Steven has developed an approach that is tailored to each individual. This is characterised by closely working with each client to develop a personalised couture experience and ultimately, their gown.

While trends do appear to have a situational significance at the time of your wedding plans, Steven Khalil tells us that it is important to consider your own style, in the long run. Read below, Fairies!

So, what will the trends for 2020 be, according to Steven Khalil?

My biggest struggle at the moment is trends. I’m always saying to the girls: “Don’t follow a trend, follow what your personal style is.” We know these trends are these plunging v-necks, where the dress looks just like an evening dress. Social media puts a lot of fantasy around it, but when transferred into reality; does it suit your wedding, does it suit your style, does it suit your body? We have to work on all of those things. So trends are important, but also I always try to encourage girls to be true to their personal style.

Is there a trend that you want to set for 2020?

I think the Steven Khalil brand’s trend is the classic bride. There is a level of timeless elegance to how we like our brides to look. They’re not super modern; the girls that come to me usually want to look classic and elegant. They want to be able to say in five years time I’m going to look at my wedding photos and still appreciate my gown, how I looked, my hair, everything, so we’ve always encouraged girls to keep everything very simplified, minimal, and not over-stretched. A wedding day needs to be worthy of a lifetime of memories.

What is the journey that the Steven Khalil bride goes through?

Our clients come to me because they want to be guided. They want me to tell them how to create how they want to feel. So, the journey starts with them maybe trying some things on, but ultimately, we don’t ever try sell a bride a dress off a rack. It’s about creating that gown for her body, for her personal style. It’s really from sketch to finish; we have the fittings, you see the dress in cotton, in fabric, with beading and then the finished product. So, it’s a process and girls want to have the memory of that process, as well as the dress

We do everything we can to make our girls feel special.

We can already see you feeling inspired Fairies, go get that Steven Khalil gown (we know you want to!).

Written by: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Instagram

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