2020 Wedding Trends From Our Creative Director

Our Fairy God Mother and Creative Director, Wendy El-Khoury shares with us her Wedding trend predictions for 2020.

Well #1 is definitely bringing back the roaring 20s, hello art deco! We will definitely see more vintage vibes at Weddings in 2020. This sets the tone for the rest of our fabulous predictions:

2. Choosing of engagement rings and wedding bands together… coloured stones, unique settings, diamonds, mixed golds, inherited jewellery and re-designing rings, it is all happening when it comes to engagement rings!

3. The minimalist wedding dress with ACCESSORIES! The veil, headpieces, pins, pearls, gloves, over skirts, feathers and more… all tying on with the 20s theme. More is more when it comes to accessories to add that wow factor.


4. Aussie destination weddings will continue to rise, a “home away from home” local approach with the wedding experience in mind

5. Bridesmaids are doing it … there way! Reflecting each individual’s taste and style will shine with Bridesmaid styling for 2020


6. Even the Groom is switching it up! Second suits, or change of jacket/shirt for reception. We will definitely see more expression of style from the men in 2020. Bring back the tails I say!

7. The grass is greener!! We will see more elements of grass, greenery and relaxed vibes at weddings when it comes to floral styling

8. Personalisation is taking on a whole new level. Wouldn’t be surprised if I see personalised toilet paper sometime soon…

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9. Feast your eyes! Food will become more and more about the senses, people will be welcomed to feast on shared platters, grazing stations, live cooking, burger making, pizza baking, the works. The experience of food is back baby!


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