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When you mix the Wedding world’s elite and Paris, you get RSVP 2022! Although many hot chocolates were sipped and croissants were devoured, members of the Wedding and Private Events industry from around the globe came together to strategically network, absorb knowledge and boost their success. Respected industry pioneers were selected to educate, elevate and inspire their fellow wedding professionals by aiding them with the confidence, tools and unique insights into the luxury events space.

Wedded Wonderland Founder and female entrepreneur Wendy El-Khoury was invited to present at the 3 Day Parisian Symposium and offered her expertise on ‘Elevating your online presence’ in the Wedding and Private Event industry. Speaking at 8 international conferences, Wendy is heavily respected in the industry and has received an overwhelming amount of praise for her leadership and mentorship.

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Wendy’s Keynote – Elevating your online presence

Although everyone may think they are social, being active online doesn’t make you socially successful. Wendy educated her audience on how to elevate their online presence and really ‘snap it up on social’. Highlighting the concept of a digital shopfront via Instagram, she emphasized the importance of online purpose. From display pictures to bio’s, to content pillars, Wendy highlighted how “your Instagram account needs to be a genuine reflection of who you are, what you do and what you’re offering”. Prioritizing elevation, Wendy outlined the key factors in setting online businesses up for success. Revealing that “the work is in the messaging, the seasonal campaigns and the content” she advised on “not getting caught up in the vanity metrics” and encouraged listeners to “collaborate, audience hack [and] find people that you want to be working with and do those shoots”. Wendy taught the members of the wedding and party industry about social traffic drivers and focused on “creating content that resonates with your audience”. Exploring the dynamics of social platforms including, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest, RSVP 2022 guests learnt how to level it up online!

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Wendy’s Q&A

Alongside friend and France’s most sought after luxury wedding photographer Audrey Neracoulis, Wendy answered questions from industry members. Curious about social tips, tricks and hacks, Wendy further discussed how to maximize engagement, utilize cross-channel content, communicate clearly online, create a strong brand essence and keep consistent messaging. Both Wendy and Audrey showcased how Social media is essential in presenting your portfolio of works online, stating  “if you’re wanting to draw in a luxury clientele, you need to produce content and copy that reflects this”. A key point was to not  “obsess over the following”, whilst some clients and businesses judge how many followers one has, followers can come and go. When working in the Luxury wedding market you’re constantly enticed to level up and events like RSVP 2022 assist in connecting the industry members with who they need to meet, in places they need to be. 

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Midnight in Paris

The extravaganza started with a ‘Midnight in Paris’ hosted at the Pavilions Presbourg and Etoile. With  panoramic views of the Arc de Triomphe, guests swapped their chocolat for champagne and celebrated reunions with industry friends from across the globe. Drinks were flowing, canapes were roaming and the chatter was contagious. If you didn’t have a sweet tooth for the delectable pastries, you were watching the chefs whip up fresh pasta in a parmesan wheel. This was the perfect night to kick start the RSVP conference! 

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The Eiffel Tower

Held at France’s most monumental (And ICONIC) attractions, Le Tower Eiffel , the second day deep-dived into branding, leveraging, keeping up, setting up and selling up, mixing it up and turning dreams into realities. 

Featuring keynote presentations and panels from respected industry icons, Colin Cowie,Ceci Johnson , Elizabeth Solaru, Farima Perry, Kay Patel, Matt Porteous, Rachek Dalton, Teddy Manuel, Norma Cohen, edgar Zamora, Nikki Khan and Sharon Sacks. Gifting the audience a glimpse into their industry wisdom and experience, the speakers equipped the RSVP audience with power, education and leverage. 

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Punk Marie Antoinette Party

After a day filled with formalities, guests were invited to an informal evening of decadent anarchy at the Punk Marie Antoinette Party! Marie Antoinette resisted the revolution, however she couldn’t resist from throwing parties that lasted all night. Spending money like it was going out of fashion, sparing no expense of food, wine, clothes, wigs and hats RSVP paid homage to the French Icon at the Hôtel de Crillon. In signature royal punk rock style, the dress code was ‘Louise Seize, never mind the bollocks’ and the Kings and Queens of the wedding industry came to steal the crown for best dressed. With expressive impersonators, glitz, glamor and champagne towers, this was a night to remember.

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Château de Chantilly

RSVP took it up a notch on the final day and brought the Symposium to one of the finest jewels in the crown of France’s cultural heritage, Château de Chantilly. After touring the French treasure, guests were enticed to level up through powerful presentations from our director Wendy El-Khoury and industry members Alejandra Poupel, Farima Perry and Audrey Neracoulis. 

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Moulin Rouge Concert Ball

After another day filled with education, experience and entertainment to elevate businesses in the luxury wedding industry, RSVP held a final hoorah at the Hotel Le Plaza Athenee. The “Moulin Rouge Concert Ball” was ‘formal, flirty and filthy’ as per the invite. The room was tremendously filled with ravishing reds, roses, feathers, fringe and Moulin Rouge showgirls, straight from the stage showing us what Paris was all about! Can you do the Can-can? The French definitely Can-can hahaha. Dancing the night away, the night saw France’s Finest luxuries and guests were given a hand illustrated souvenir to remember the RSVP celebration forever.

Au Revoir RSVP Paris, where are we off to next RSVP?

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Hôtel Plaza Athéné

Hôtel de Crillon

Château de Chantilly 

Co-producer Heather Jerue from Rendezvous in Paris

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