TRENDING: Silk Rosettes and Ribbons

Step right into the whimsical world of weddings, where ribbons and rosettes are stealing the spotlight and dancing their way into matrimonial magic! In this enchanting trend, couples are embracing the playful elegance of these timeless adornments to add a dash of flair and a sprinkle of festivity to their big day. From charming bows that twirl with joy to rosettes that bloom like love in full bloom, the wedding aisle has transformed into a runway of ribbon delights. 

Get ready to be wrapped up in the celebration as we unravel the trend that’s tying the knot between tradition and trendiness. Let the ribbons roll and the rosettes bloom – it’s time to say “I do” to a wedding day wrapped in merriment and tied with a bow!

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Take a page from Mrs Sandy Liang herself and her wedding celebration woven with the sweetest details, of bows and ribbon. The bride, known for her fashion-forward style, incorporated ribbons seamlessly into her reception.  From the glasses to the centerpiece the wedding was craftily decorated with a touch of the designer’s signature, turning each guest’s token of appreciation into a miniature work of art. 

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For a delicate touch, imagine a wedding dress adorned with delicate rosettes, each intricate bloom adding a touch of romantic elegance to the gown, turning the bride into a living canvas of love.

trending: Silk Rosettes and Ribbons
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