TRENDING: Runway Style Seating

Dive into the glamor and excitement of weddings with a trend that’s turning aisle style upside down – the runway-style seating arrangement! In this fun and innovative twist on traditional setups, weddings are transformed into fashion-forward spectacles where guests are treated to an experience straight out of a chic runway show.

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Picture walking down the aisle with all the flair of a model strutting down the catwalk. This trend is not just about vows; it’s about making a grand entrance and creating a wedding day that’s as stylish as the couple saying “I do.”

TRENDING: Runway Style Seating
Image by Andrew Bayda

Elevate this walkway by having your guests face the main event, ensuring everyone has the prime spot. Imagine your wildest wedding dreams coming to life – a grassy aisle runner adorned by floral arrangements on either side. It’s a scene that speaks volumes and promises an unforgettable journey down the aisle.

Trending: Runway Style Seating
Image by Melia Lucida

Doubt not the uniqueness of this event, as it unfolds not merely as a wedding but as a high-fashion spectacle at Maui’s Haiku Mill property. Rows of white-cushioned metal chairs line the path, creating an atmosphere where grooms seemingly grace their personal fashion runway. 

We are definitely fans of this cool trend and can’t wait to see it across weddings in 2024! 


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