TRENDING: On Water Ceremonies

If you want to take your wedding to the absolute next level we’ve found the perfect way to do so – An ‘on water’ ceremony! An ‘on water’ wedding ceremony can be an incredibly memorable and meaningful way to tie the knot, and were certain it will leave your guests in absolute awe. 

Planning the finer details might take a little more work than your average ceremony, but we’re certain it’ll be absolutely worth it in the end as you glide down the on water aisle to meet the man of your dreams. 

There are a few ways to go about planning your on water wedding ceremony. You can choose to exchange vows atop a large wharf, whilst arranging for your nearest and dearest to watch on from adorable and stylish canoes. Don’t forget the comfort of your guests by adding in some cushions and umbrellas. 

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Another way to incorporate this beautiful trend into your ceremony is to forget the wharf and take your guests right out into the shallow waters. This couple held their ceremony on the salt flats in Greece and it is visually stunning. Everyone will need to ditch their shoes and embrace the beauty of the sand and water beneath their feet to experience the uniqueness of this on water ceremony, and its definitely worth it. 

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Another beautiful way to embrace the idea of an on water ceremony is to set up at a luxury resort in a shallow pool, with the gorgeous backdrop of the ocean. 

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We hope we’ve inspired you to create your very own stunning and unique on water ceremony for your special day!  


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