Believe it or not, there are so many things to consider before a Bride decides whether or not to have a train on their wedding dress! Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as having a 10-metre long train just because it looks incredible; you’ve also got to take into consideration a number of other factors.

We sat done with  Personalised Weddings Couture’s proprietor and designer Virginia McGregor, to find out the six must-ask questions Brides need to know before the say ‘yes’ to a train.

1. Location, Location, Location

The first question a Bride should ask herself is – where am I having my Wedding at? Is it outdoors, on the beach, in a venue? Are there steps or other major trip hazards (like gravel)?

Virginia warns that if you’re having an outdoor Wedding, there needs to be some serious consideration into whether a train will work, as grass stains and sand can be very hard to get off the fabric.

2. Are You Going to Be the Dancing Queen?

If you’re a Bride who loves tearing up the dance floor, you might not want to have a long train getting in your way. However, there are ways around this; think about having a detachable train that you can remove at the reception, or have two entirely different gowns for your Big Day!

1Image from A2Z Weddings

3. What’s the Dress Code?

If you’re having a formal Wedding, then great news! A train is for you. Trains are simply made for a luxurious soiree complete with banquets, drinks and romantic slow dancing. If you’re having a cocktail reception, or hoping to turn your Wedding into a bit of a party, wearing a long train for the evening might not be the smartest choice.

4. What’s the Plan for the Wedding Photos?

Where are you hoping to get your Wedding photographs at? Some couples love trekking through the wilderness for an extravagant backdrop, or walking a long distance across the concrete to get the perfect city scene. If this is the case, bear in mind that a train can be heavy and hard to walk in, so although it can be done, you might need a lot of help!

2Image from Eclipse Studios

5. How Long is the Wedding?

Some traditional Weddings go for an exceptionally long time, starting early in the morning and finishing well into the next day and having to carry around the kilos of exquisite fabric that a train entails can be exhausting for any Bride! Don’t be disheartened, though, there are other options. Consider a waterfall hemline to lighten the load, or, once again, think about a detachable train.

6. Do I Have Bridesmaids?

Most Brides have a few Bridesmaids on hand to help carry and take care of her train throughout the night; however, if you aren’t planning on having ‘Maids, you might want to think twice about a train.

3Image from Alan Khan

Main image from Layla’s wedding. Photography by Diamond Films.

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