12 Tips for Planning a Magical Fairytale-Themed Wedding 

While some couples can only dream of a so-called fairytale wedding, we at Wedded Wonderland take this literally. Yes, you can bring a magical world to life on your wedding day! Never fear, we are here to bring you all the best tips for a fairytale-themed dream come true! 


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Planning a fairytale-themed wedding involves careful attention to detail to create a magical and enchanting experience. Here’s a comprehensive list of things to consider:

12 Tips for Planning a Fairytale-Inspired Wedding Theme

1. Choose a vast venue with a mix of lush greenery and medieval extravagance. 

Since the majority of fairy tales take place in the centuries leading up to their boom in the 1800s, they are influenced by medieval society and aesthetics, intermingled with the astounding opulence of the Baroque and Rococo periods. So, select a venue that nails the instantly recognizable fairytale vista: castles, grand halls with baroque staircases, and manicured estate gardens with dramatic foliage. 

Dress and photo from the Paolo Sebastian “Once Upon a Dream” Collection

2. Dress the part. 

Your wedding attire should embody the Disney princess charisma. Don a gown with intricate lace, voluminous skirts, and alluring crystals for that magical, animated sparkle. You could also customize a pair of spellbinding heels with jewelry details to set your look apart, à la Cinderella, For grooms, tuxedos with tails and other princely outfits would be ideal. 

3. Swap out all modern typography and glossy paper with handwriting fonts and matte parchment. 

Fully commit to the theme and make all signages, invitations, menus, and programme cards look like pages from a storybook or a princess’ diary. For a precious, personal touch, you could even have a professional calligrapher handwrite important inscriptions for tablescaping and decor. 

4. Pile on the magical decorations.

Incorporate fairytale-inspired details such as fairy lights, draped fabrics, lanterns, and flower arrangements that evoke a sense of infinite wonder. You could also review your favorite fairy tales, and reinterpret their iconographies as decor. Some examples include an enchanted rose, a blood-red apple, a magic mirror, and a horse-drawn carriage.  

5. Stick to a curated color palette. 

Opt for a precise color palette that aligns with the fairytale atmosphere. Observe colors in old Disney films, and browse illustrations in the hard-bound storybooks of your childhood. You’ll find that the visual language of fairytales is layered: they mix soft pastels with deep jewel tones, and favor dusty creams over bleached whites. Black is also rarely used; midnight blue and indigo are instead the default shades for shadows and nighttime. 

6. Consider live entertainment.

Incorporate musicians, dancers, or theatrical performers who can embody the characters from your chosen fairy tale and treat you and your guests to an immersive experience. On the extravagant end, you could hire performers in full costume. For a more intimate affair, you may hire a string quartet or jazz trio to play renditions of classic Disney tunes. 

7. Create an exciting menu full of fairytale references.  

Enhance the thematic experience with food choices inspired by scenes from famous fairytales. Some examples include the mouthwatering “Be Our Guest” spread from Beauty and the Beast, and Snow White’s plum pudding. 

8. Set up themed photo areas. 

Since your guests will be dressing the part as well, make sure to create designated photo spots with whimsical decor. Don’t forget to include key props like wands, tiaras, and storybooks! 

9. Arrange for a themed wedding cake. 

Design a beautiful wedding cake that captures the essence of your fairytale love story. Include elements like cascading flower vines, charming figurines, or even painterly scenes. 

10.  Go all out with enchanting tablescapes. 

Make your dining setup come alive with mesmerizing floral arrangements, assorted glassware, hanging vines, and overhead chandeliers that have come straight out of a Disney movie. Your guests will surely swoon!  

11. Prepare interactive fairytale-inspired items and activities for your guests. 

Get creative with the reception activities! Prepare a storybook-inspired guest book for your loved ones to scrawl messages in, play a treasure hunt with a fairytale-inspired storyline, and give away prizes that represent your favorite princesses and characters. The possibilities are endless! 

12. Finish off the night with a magical farewell.

End your fairytale wedding with a magical send-off, such as a sparkler exit, lantern release, or even a modest (and safe) fireworks display. This one-of-a-kind stunt will tie the whole theme together, mirroring the triumphant closing sequence of every fairytale film, where the prince and prince ride off into their happily ever after. 

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