This is what your Wedding dress will look like based on your favourite Baby-Sitters Club character

Reading Ann M. Martin’s The Babysitter’s Club was a rite of passage for most teenage girls in the 90s and there was always one of the girls that you instantly identified with. Whether it was the artsy Claudia or the bubbly Dawn, we bet that we can tell you exactly what Wedding dress you’d choose based on your favourite Babysitters Club’s character.

Kristy – President

Kristy is the founder of The Babysitters Club and always the one in charge. If you loved Kristy, like her, you’re a natural leader, responsible, love sport and aren’t too fussy when it comes to fashion. You’ll probably go for a simply, practical and chic Wedding dress that you can easily dance in when your favourite song is played!

kristyGown by Hayley Paige

Claudia – Vice-President

If you are more of a ‘Claudia’, your Wedding dress will be a work of art – just like you! You’re creative, eccentric and also a bit rebellious (because although you grades were impeccable, all you wanted to do was paint). Your gown will be an extension of your unique personality and if you’re getting a ready-to-wear dress, you’ll probably want to make little changes and additions. You are anything but basic.

claudiaGown by Lillian Khallouf

Mary Anne – Secretary

Was Mary Anne your favourite character? You probably relate to her bookworm personality! You’re super organised when it comes to Wedding planning and you’re also the most loyal of the bunch. Although you’re a bit shy, you’re a great listener and your Wedding is your time to shine. You’ll go for a jaw-dropping classic dress that is simple, but timeless à la Audrey Hepburn.

mary anneGown by Romona Keveza

Stacey – Treasurer

Stacey is the ultimate fashionista and she was your fave, you are going to be one stylish Bride. You’re positive, mature and very sophisticated and your Wedding gown will ooze ‘Upper East Side Princess’.

staceyGown by Vera Wang

Dawn – Alternate Officer

Free-spirited Dawn is the blonde bombshell who’s all about clean eating and looking after the environment. If you’re a Dawn-kinda girl, you’re probably a vegetarian and love ethically-produced clothing. Your Wedding gown will emulate your individualism and will be bohemian, but with a modern edge.

dawnGown by Claire Pettibone

Mallory – Junior Officer

You always loved hanging with the older kids, whether it be at school or with your older siblings and your maturity and ability to make friends with anyone, no matter their age, made you popular. You’ll look for a Wedding gown by the next ‘it’ designer and you’ll wear never-before-seen trends with confidence.

malGown by Con Ilio

Jessica – Junior Officer

Jessica loved ballet and was known for her elegance and grace. If you loved Jessica, you’ll love an old school glamorous gown with a full-skirt and cinched waist – classic, tasteful and beautiful!

jess Gown by Elie Saab

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