10 of our favourite on-screen love stories

We’ve all had our own obsession when it comes to movie romance, from the cold-school classics, to the modern teen rom-coms; so when we were asked to choose 10 (just 10!!) of our favourite on-screen love stories, we struggled.

However, after much deliberation (hours on Netflix and a truckload of popcorn), here are our 10 flicks picks!


The popular Jock falls for the nerdy exchange student while on summer break. A blossoming romance between Danny and Sandy…Who doesn’t want some summer loving?


A dreamy love story between two individuals from two different worlds. Our emotions take over as Jack and Rose are split apart in this heart-breaking ending.

Dirty Dancing

Johnny, a dancer falls for the ‘perfect’ girl as they both spend their summer vacation at Mountain Lodge resort. The rebellious nature of their love story, makes it just that bit more dreamy.

A Walk to Remember

Popular senior Landon Carter falls for the reverend’s daughter Jamie Sullivan after he is forced to participate in after-school activities. Their compelling and emotional relationship definitely take us all on a walk to remember!

The Notebook

The growing passion between Noah and Allie melts the heart, when after many years apart, their love reconnects. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…you learn Ryan Gosling plays the role of Noah!


The power of love prevails as not even death can seperate Molly from her murdered lover Sam. The ghost of her past possesses our emotional attention.

The Age of Adaline

This enchanting romance proves that time has the power to change many things but not the passion between two lovers.

Me Before You

The intensity of Louisa’s love gives paralysed Will a glimpse of new life for a couple of months, before it all comes to an end. Grab the tissues.

The Fault in Our Stars

The love story between two cancer patients Hazel and Augustus melts the heart.  We are consumed as Augustus assured Hazel, “It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you”….Let’s just say he has definitely stolen our hearts.

The Vow

A devastating car accident not only destroyed Paige’s memory, but crushed our hearts. However, the romance between Paige and Leo doesn’t end there.

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