Every girl wants to look her best on her Wedding Day and one of the first things on most of our lists is to lose the extra weight. The problem is we often don’t have the time to commit to daily gym classes, weekly healthy meal prep and early morning cardio sessions, especially when we’re trying to plan an entire wedding!

Meet Cassie.

Cassie wanted to lose some of the extra weight around her thighs, hips and butt before the wedding so she could wear a tight fitting dress at her Bridal Shower and pack a sexy bikini for the honeymoon. She was already pretty healthy, but as hard as she tried, she couldn’t shift the weight; until she tried HYPOXI (click here to get your free trial).

Cassie did three HYPOXI sessions each week which included 20-minutes spent in a massage and circulation suit and 30-minutes of light pedaling in a vacuum machine and she managed to go from a size 12 to a size 6 without running extra km’s or sweating it out at the gym. She loved it so much, she opened her own studio, HYPOXI St Ives. This is what she says:

“I had a goal for my body shape for my wedding day and I achieved it with a healthy lifestyle and HYPOXI. HYPOXI helped me lose 10kgs in the lead up to my wedding day. It shifted weight and cm’s from all of my stubborn areas and really toned my legs! I wore a tight fitting dress for my bridal shower and I never would have worn that without losing weight from my lower body. I felt amazing in my wedding dress and I was so comfortable in my bikini on my honeymoon in Tahiti. I have never got the results that I’ve achieved with HYPOXI through normal exercise no matter how many time’s/days I would train. I was sticking to low-carb meals during this period which helped me reach my goal as well but I’ve always eaten healthy. My top size went down from an 8 to a 6 and my pants size went from a 12 to a 6!” 



HYPOXI is a low-impact exercise method that is up to 3 x more effective at burning stubborn fat than traditional exercise. Through advanced vacuum and compression technology and healthy nutrition, HYPOXI activates your body’s natural system to burn specific areas of fat and cellulite. Discover the best version of you with HYPOXI. Click here to book your FREE TRIAL if you’re in Australia and click here if you’re in the USA, select a studio and begin your HYPOXI journey today to look and feel your best on your special day.

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