Summer is a season that was just made for excessive ice-cream consumption and if you’re even half the ice-cream obsessed girl that I am, you’re going to love these facts. I spoke with French chocolatier and serious ice-cream connoisseur, Jeff de Bruges  (which is now open in Westfield Bondi Junction) to get the 411 on my favourite treat.

1. Soft Ice-cream should be kept and served at 3°(compared to normal ice cream, which is stored at −15 °C), which is warmer than your freezer. The trick is to let it warm slightly, that way the flavour is more intense. Seriously, gals, try this out; if you’re not eating your ice-cream soft, you’re doing it SO wrong.


2. If you’re after an ice-cream that really packs a flavour punch, go for a quality brand like Jeff de Bruges’ soft-serve. The more quality soft ice-creams contain less air, which means you’ll have a tastier, more flavoursome treat that’s doubly creamy.


3. Every year, fellow ice-cream lovers around the world eat 15 billion litres; that’s enough to fill 5,000 Olympic-sized pools.

4. Vanilla is the most popular flavour of ice-cream (although, my personal fave is Jeff de Bruges’ salted caramel concoction).


5. New Zealand consumes more ice-cream than any other country, with the USA coming in second and Australia sitting at third.

6. Ice-cream must have a minimum of 10% milk fat to be labelled ‘ice-cream’, while soft serve- style Ice cream contains 3 to 6% milk fat.


7. A single scoop of ice-cream takes about 50 licks to finish.

8. The most popular ice-cream topping is chocolate.


Jeff de Bruges is one of the world’s most famous chocolatiers and has just has launched his boutique store on Level 2 at Westfield Bondi Junction. Jeff’s unique chocolate-creating practice uses tradition Belgium techniques with a swirl of French-ingenuity and classic chic to create decadent and modern treats. For more on these sweet treats, click here.

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