This Bride-To-Be Swallowed Her Engagement Ring During Her Nightmare

A horrified bride-to-be has revealed she swallowed her own engagement ring during a nightmare and had to have it surgically removed.

Jenna Evans revealed to The Sun that she was horrified when she woke up to find her engagement ring missing, following a terrifying nightmare in which she was led to believe that she needed to eat her ring, to protect it.

Source: The Sun

Taking to Facebook, Jenna shared shocking x-ray images and stated “I was having a dream that I was in a very sketchy situation involving a high-speed train and bad guys (I have very exciting and vivid dreams) and he told me I had to swallow my ring to protect it. So I popped that sucker off, put it in my mouth and swallowed it with a glass of water right about the time I realised what I was doing.”

Jenna went on to assume the entire ordeal was just a nightmare, and so went back to sleep. that she assumed she had dreamt swallowing the cushion diamond sparkler, Jenna went back to sleep. However, the next day, the ring was missing and so she awoke her fiancé Bob to break the bad news.

Source: The Sun

“I don’t think he believed me right away,” she admitted. “We laughed pretty hard for about an hour and a half, called my mum, laughed until we were crying, Googled ‘do other adults swallow rings’ because kids do it all the time, but apparently it’s less common for adults.

“I went to urgent care where I struggled to explain why I was there because I was laughing/crying so hard.

“The doctor ordered an X-ray and seemed pretty shocked when she walked back in with a second doctor and showed me that sure enough, my ring was right there in my stomach!”

Jenna explained the gastroenterologist advised against letting nature take its course and Jenna was sent for an upper endoscopy. “Before I left, she recommended seeing a sleep specialist as well. Bobby took me to the GI doctor where I got to tell a whole new group of doctors and nurses that yes, I swallowed my engagement ring. At this point, I could definitely feel it in my guts, it was starting to really hurt and make us nervous.”

“They found my ring just beyond my stomach in my intestines, retrieved it and gave it to Bobby. Apparently I don’t do great with anaesthesia because I came out of it hysterically crying and was totally inconsolable.”

Source: The Sun

“Bobby finally gave my ring back this morning — I promised not to swallow it again, we’re still getting married and all is right in the world… Jewels [are] so lovely, you could eat them. But don’t — trust me on this.”

Written by: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: The Sun

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