Major Clue In This Photo “Reveals” The Bachelor Winner

There are only two days to go until Matt Agnew chooses the winner of The Bachelor! The last ones standing are Abbie Chatfield, Chelsie McLeod and Helena Sauzier. However, fans are convinced that they already know the show’s outcome, just from looking at the show’s recent promotional photo!

Don’t see it yet? It’s a bit of a thinker! If you’ve kept up with previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, then you’ll notice that the eventual winner has always been pictured in the middle of the other two finalists. 

The theory surfaced this week after a meme was posted that highlighted the winners of previous seasons, on an Instagram Bachelor fan account.

So, does that mean Chelsie McLeod will be the lucky girl to win Matt’s heart?

What do you think, Fairies? Tune in on Wednesday and Thursday to find out!

Written by: Zoe Kanlis

Featured Image: Instagram

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