This bride found out 6 weeks before her wedding that her fiancé was her brother… and he knew the whole time

This real story is the most messed up one you’ll read today… guaranteed.

Real bride-to-be (we’ll call her) oopcest posted on Reddit that she was in the final stages of planning for her dream wedding with her fiancé .

Her dad was non-existent in her childhood and she was raised by her single mother and grandma. Meanwhile, her fiancé  was raised by his own mother and his stepdad.

Just six weeks out from the big day, the bride’s future MIL asked her to add one extra person to the invite list… Her fiancé’s real dad. Curious, the bride asked to see a pic of her groom’s father and… she realised that it was HER FATHER TOO!

Making the whole situation even worse was that HER FUTURE HUSBAND KNEW FOR MORE THAN A YEAR (aka, the entire time they were planning the wedding)! Read on to get the whole, jaw-dropping, vom-inducing story.


[Support] I found out yesterday that my fiance and I are related. He’s known for year. from TwoXChromosomes

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