This Bachelor Star Walks Out On Matt

If there could be any more shocking news happening with The Bachelor, no one was prepared for this!

A Bachelor contestant has walked out on Matt Agnew just as the show is quickly approaching the finale.

Helena Sauzier reported to have made the shock decision to quit during hometown visits only a few days after she was visibly overwhelmed when Matt pressed her about a 10 year plan in their last date together.

According to New Idea, while Helena seemed to be adamant about her choice to leave the shock, she ultimately back-pedalled and returned to Matt.

Reportedly, Helena’s hesitation stemmed from Matt’s apparent lack of interest towards her as she was comparing her connection to the other contestants.

A source said that “she felt, judging by the way Matt was treating her, that he wasn’t going to pick her in the end—he kept getting simple things wrong and she ended up having a meltdown at home visits. She told producers she was staying in Perth because she didn’t see any point in coming back to Sydney… and she gave Matt a letter to explain her decision”.

However, reportedly the crew of the show begged Helena to stay on the show and they eventually convinced her to stay.

Helena and Matt’s chemistry was evident for parts of the series, however, their different life stages became evident during their single date that was organised by the Bachelor all-stars Snezana Woods and Laura Byrne.

The idea of the couple’s single date was crafted by Matt and challenged the couple to envision what their relationship would look like in ten years time.

However, perhaps to the limited one-on-one time the two had spent throughout the experience, Helena went through an on-air back pedal and had to temporarily exit the date.

On the date, she spoke to one of the producers and revealed that,“It’s a little bit scary to be honest. It’s a lot to commit to one person and be like this is it we are doing this.”

We can only keep on watching to see if this actually happens, stay tuned Fairies!

Written By: Alessandra Fasanella

Feature Image Via: Instagram

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