These Are The Top 20 Bridal Couturiers In Australia

On the lookout for a stunning bridal gown that has Australian genius behind it? Well then look no further, because we’ve found the designers that might just have The One for you.

We’ve searched high and low for the best of the best Australian bridal designers, and we’ve managed to narrow it down to the following 20, so in no particular order, we’ve listed them for you!


1. Leah Da Gloria

Leah Da Gloria is certainly for the bride that loves detailed embellished pieces. Handcrafted with exquisite attention to detail, the gown mirrors its bride and her style to create something spectacular. Modern and elegant, with a touch of the traditional, this label is a must.

2. Alin Le’ Kal

Elegant and alluring, an Alin Le’ Kal gown is timeless and beautiful, taking inspiration from the past with the added elegance of today. The creative style of every piece carries a feminine and romantic appeal that every bride will appreciate.

3. George Elsissa

For clear attention to detail, and impeccable hand embellished gowns, brides cannot go wrong with George Elsissa. With a range of silhouettes on offer that caters to every bride, from the form-fitting to the big ball gown, this bespoke service is unlikely to leave any bride disappointed.

4. Lillian Khallouf

Renowned for the simple, yet intelligent silhouettes, every Lillian Khallouf piece exudes sophistication and elegance and is the go-to option for the fashion forward bride. Working closely with their brides, this designer knows how to translate your ideas into a piece of art.

5. J’Atone Couture

Combine their skilled handiwork and impeccable attention to details, and you’ve got a couture label that is well loved by all. J’Atone Couture has luxurious bespoke gowns that are all made using traditional methods and carry their signature style of juxtaposing typically contrasting elements, leaving their brides with a piece unlike any other.

6. Paolo Sebastian

We fell in love with the fairytale and old-time charm of Australian designer Paul Vasileff’s label, Paolo Sebastian. With its magical pieces, as well as the intricate, painstakingly hand-made designs, everything the label creates is utterly awe-inspiring and we can never fault any of his gowns.

7. Grace Loves Lace

Effortless, luxurious, timeless; these are all the words that come to mind when thinking of the beautiful wedding dresses made by Grace Loves Lace. Ideal for the free-spirited bride who yearns to stray from the traditional, this couturier is all about the unique and uses only the finest European laces and silks.

8. Anna Campbell

For a dress that is as equally beautiful as it is comfortable, Anna Campbell is the one that’ll tick all of the boxes. Handmade and custom designed with laces and hand-beaded embellishments, each gown is a fusion of modern glamour and bohemian brilliance.

9. Steven Khalil

The man that needs no introduction, Steven Khalil is well known amongst brides for his incredible gowns. The hand beading combined with the use of Duchesse satins, silk organzas, wools and crepes, make for some beautiful pieces that you cannot overlook.

10. Pallas Couture

With decades of experience and an abundance of high profile clientele, Pallas Couture uses inspiration from Parisian haute couture to create breathtaking original bridal gowns. The impeccable tailoring combined with the balance between classic and modern styles will leave brides absolutely in love with their faultless wedding dress.

11. One Day Bridal

You can forget about the traditional when it comes to One Day Bridal. The perfect option for those brides who love to be different, you can expect less of the over-done tulle and more stunning silhouettes and clean, daring styles. Based in Melbourne, the boutique creates an experience like no other for each and every bride.

12. Elly Sofocli

Another one for the fashion-forward bride, Elly Sofocli creates custom wedding gowns and evening wear that will absolutely take your breath away. Think clean cuts, gorgeous embellishments and French lace for the gown of your dreams.

13. Mariana Hardwick Emporium

It’s all about the contemporary when it comes to Mariana Hardwick gowns. Each piece created works to compliment the female form through its flattering silhouettes, with specificity for sophistication and refined and effortless beauty.

14. Suzane Harward

Taking inspiration from art and nature, Suzane Harward designs have a high level of quality and craftsmanship that combine to create pieces unlike any other. Always remaining relevant, designs can range from high fashion minimalism to intricate and detailed, with only the finest fabrics.

15. Maticevski

Modern and chic, Maticevski wedding gowns exude effortless beauty and are perfect for the stylish bride. Each piece is wonderfully unique with artful silhouettes and is undoubtedly breathtaking. Expect a gown that is every bit fashionable when choosing this couturier.

16. Jason Grech

Jason Grech creates wedding dresses using hand-sewn lace, bespoke embellishments, and quality craftsmanship. Unique and beautiful, the gowns are all created using traditional atelier methods, that certainly don’t forsake the impeccable standard.

17.  Lola Varma

Hand made and masterfully cut, each and every Lola Varma gown is created using different washes, tones of layered silk and fine wools and cotton, leading to a piece that is fluid and comfortable. Working closely with brides, this couturier offers pieces that are suited exactly to you, and are most ideal for those brides who want to steer away from the extravagant.

18. Nevenka

Using European lace, each handcrafted Nevenka bridal gown is unique and made for the unconventional bride who looks to step out of the box. Whether you’re after a timeless piece or a backless bohemian dress, Nevenka has the skill to carry it all out.

19. Personalised Weddings Couture

For a dress that’s feminine, glamorous, sophisticated and a true reflection of the bride herself, look no further than Personalised Weddings Couture. Unique and lavish, the dresses are crafted with close attention to detail with an artistic flair that makes you stand out.

20. Karen Willis Holmes

By beautifully combining handcrafted detail, exquisite fabrics and delicate laces, Karen Willis Holmes creates a gown that allows brides to represent their individuality. With a clear appreciation to detail, their bespoke range has both couture-like quality and innovative design.

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