These Are Our Favourite Engagement Rings by Michael Hill

You’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and now it’s time to put a ring on it and make it official! You won’t need to search for long, because we know exactly where you should go to choose a ring that’s just right.

Michael Hill Jewellers offers a beautiful array of engagement rings for every taste, from vintage to colourful stones and everything in between.

The ever so unique Evermore Collection includes over 150 styles and cuts to choose from, so you’ll certainly find the perfect ring, whatever your taste or personality may be.

We’ve dug our way through the incredibly sparkling collection to bring to you some of our absolute favourite rings. So sit back and take your pick!

Stunning Sapphire

There’s nothing quite like a vibrant sapphire stone! A stone that comes in a stunning shade of blue, representing loyalty and devotion, exactly the qualities you’d want in your relationship. This ring set features a natural round brilliant blue sapphire engagement ring and a matching wedding band.

11 1

Elegant Morganite

If you’re after a more subtle touch of colour, this Morganite ring is perfect. A pale pink to peach-coloured stone representing compassion and trust. This beautiful rose gold Evermore Colour bridal set features a natural oval morganite engagement ring and a matching wedding band.

11 2

Dazzling Aquamarine

You’ll definitely stand out from the ring with this rock! The Aquamarine stone represents harmony and connection, something every couple needs in their relationship. This white gold Evermore Colour bridal set features a natural oval aquamarine ring surrounded by a diamond halo and matching wedding band.

11 7

Trilogy Ring

Why stop at one when you can have three incredible diamonds? The Evermore trilogy ring features 3 round brilliant diamonds set in yellow and white gold.

11 3

Dreamy Halo

You can’t go wrong with a classic halo style ring! This beautiful diamond engagement ring features a centre round brilliant diamond with a sparkling halo.

11 4

Classic Solitaire

Proud, pure and demanding attention. Solitaires have a classic look for the timeless bride. Featuring a 1 carat round brilliant diamond set in gold, this polished, dazzling ring is perfect.

11 5

Vintage Revival

Inspired by centuries of gone by love stories, vintage-style rings are perfect for the ever so romantic brides who love simply old-world charm. This vintage-style engagement ring features a cluster of round brilliant diamonds set in white gold, and diamonds lining the yellow gold band.

11 6

Pear-Shaped Cluster

This ring demands attention and we love it! Create a stir with this pear-shaped cluster of round brilliant diamonds set in gold. Simply stunning!

11 8

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