This is The Ultimate Engagement Ring Guide

Michael Hill offers a huge range of engagement rings to choose from, ranging from impactful coloured stones to classic diamond solitaires.

One of the most stunning and unique collections by Michael Hill is the Evermore Collection which is all about taking that colourful approach to your engagement ring, with each gem representing a special aspect of love, so you can choose the most significant one to your relationship.

The Morganite Ring is a pale pink to peach-coloured stone which represents compassion and trust.


The Sapphire Ring, a stunning shade of blue, represents loyalty and devotion – a true representation of what marriage is.

The beautiful violet-blue Tanzanite Ring represents truth and happiness, whereas the Rhodolite Garnet, a rosy pink stone, represents love and strength.

Sapphire, Morganite and Rhodolite Garnet

As well as being absolutely gorgeous, the Aquamarine stone represents harmony and connection.


Coloured stones are the perfect way to stand out from the crowd and have a ring that’s uniquely yours!

If you’re still not quite sure which ring is right for you, Michael Hill has the ultimate engagement ring style guide. Check it out below!


Proud, pure and demands attention. Make a statement with solitaire engagement rings, which are easily customisable to fit your individual budget. Solitaires have a classic and timeless look for the ever so elegant bride.

Vintage Revival

Inspired by centuries of love stories. Featuring halo, cluster and art deco designs, Michael Hill’s range evoke the true romance of a vintage-inspired ring. Vintage-style rings are perfect for soon-to-be ever so romantic brides who love old-world charm.


Multiple diamonds deliver a breathtaking blaze of diamond light and a much larger diamond look for the bride who wants to make a statement.

Triple the impact

Three diamonds to celebrate your past, present and future together. A trilogy (three stone) ring is sure to shine bright!

Coloured Stones

Impactful and unique, these designs showcase brilliant coloured gemstones such as warm morganite, cool sapphire and vibrant Tanzanite. This is for the bride that dares to be different!

The Wedding Band

And of course, an engagement ring wouldn’t be complete without a unique wedding band to match. Michael Hill has a stunning array of bands to suit every style of engagement ring from the more modern to old-world vintage.

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