The Polish Trend Every Nail Biter Needs to Try

When it comes to those pesky nail biting brides, ombre is your knight in shining armour, literally!

Let’s be real, we always assume most women to have immaculately polished nails, but that’s not the case. In life, a girl tends to be caught up on priorities that they just can’t relax and end up overworking themselves. You’ve heard of the words frustration, impatience, even dissatisfaction? This can lead to nail biting. BUT, there’s a solution!

Every bride can have standout nails without growing them. The French ombre nail look can help achieve that flattering, yet lengthening look on short nails.


Image via Zarina Solto

While we agree that they are neat and sophisticated, the French ombre manicure is the perfect solution to keep your nails looking strong and elegant for your big day. No need to experiment with anything you know is not going to look good when you can easily have perfectly square-shaped nails that are chic and give the illusion of being longer than they are!

The beautiful fade is barely noticeable, and we love the striking, elegant style all at the same time. The secret ingredient for creating that perfect ombre blend is with a makeup sponge. For a big event or special day, you’re bound to get a few people asking where you got your nails done!

What’s not to love about them? For a simple step by step process, Katy Clouds has your french ombre tutorial down pat.

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