9 Stunning Ideas for Your Wedding Day Nails

Weddings mean everything to all Brides.

Whether you are planning your special day soon or just dreaming about it, consider every detail to make your Wedding day memorable. When it comes to nails, what have you considered? White is dominant for all Brides, but there are also various nail art designs available and worth a try. French tip, glitter and pastel’s are just a few of creative patterns..

Our 9 Wedding day nails are perfect for a modern, even traditional Bride!


1. Glitter Alert

Add a little sparkle to your special day with full on glitter nails!


2. Colour Wonderful

We always love a splash of colour. And if you don’t like it on your face, flaunt it on your nails.


3. Pastel Nudist

A hint of pastel is a contemporary look for any dashing Bride.


4. Bling Me

Go all the way with decorated nail art.



5. Modern Luxe

Every Bride adores a combination of black and gold for a luxurious affair.


6. Something Blue

Adding something blue will always be a tradition!


7. A Little Blush

Keep it simple with a little touch of pink that does wonders for your skin tone.



8. 10 Shades of Grey

A little grey can sometimes do the world a lot of difference!


9. White Perfecto

Always in style, white is always a fabulous option.


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