The Makeup Look You Need If You Have Brown Eyes

We’re calling it from now – we’ve been sleeping on this colour for too long.

Maybe we’re just getting into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, but green makeup is really working its magic on us. It’s a versatile shade that can work as both a subtle touch and a vampy dramatic look.

With olive, moss, emerald, lime, and everything in between, green is perfect for ladies who want to try something a little different – though it may not have the same effect for everyone. As a general rule, green eyeshadow should be avoided on anyone with blue eyes as the colour (along with blue) will only make your eyes appear dull.

On the other hand, brown and hazel-eyed folk can take advantage of using green eyeshadow as the colour can make brown eyes appear lighter. For hazel eyes, the use of green can bring out any coloured flecks that might be in hiding.

While brown-eyed women are already pretty lucky in that most coloured eyeshadows suit them, green is a versatile colour that deserves a little more love.

So take some inspiration from St. Patrick’s Day and whip out your possibly-neglected green palette.

Forest Green, Emerald, and Lime

Who said it needs to be Christmas to rock some serious green shades? Maryam Maquillage is a makeup wiz who has worked with Gigi Hadid and Mariah Carey. You can check out her tutorials here.

St. Patrick’s Day Emerald

The Irish emerald doesn’t need to only be pulled out on St. Patrick’s Day. As Swayze Morgan shows, mixing emerald green with gold and glitter goes a long way to bring out the brown in coloured eyes. You can check out her tutorials here.

Olive Green

Although Lilit Caradanian has dropped the “makeupby” from her instagram handle, we’re still faithful followers of her page and her cosmetics company, Elcie Cosmetics. This green look was one of the most pinned looks around and it’s forever one of our favourites.

Deep Shimmery Green

A deep green (from It brand, Fenty) that’s perfect for a sexy look. With black eyeliner, dramatic lashes, and nude coloured lips, you can’t go wrong. You can see Loz Curtis’ tutorials here.

Glittery Green

Dramatic lashes and deep glittery greens are the perfect combo for honey coloured eyes – just look how much they stand out in contrast to the green. You can see more of Selin’s makeup inspo here.

Khaki Green

Khaki doesn’t only need to be for clothes (we’re thinking army pants and flip flops). This khaki look by Melissa Sassine somehow manages to be bold and subtle all at once. The power of green! See more from Melissa Sassine here.


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