Channel Your Inner Cleopatra With These 11 Emerald Rings

Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and we are loving the festivities that this holiday brings.

Not only is Saint Patrick’s Day about celebrating the Patron Saint of Ireland it is also about everything green.

What better way to show your festive spirit than by rocking a gorgeous emerald ring? This stunning statement colour will have everyone heads turning.

Emeralds aren’t just the May birthstone, these ancient gemstones have been the fascination of society for over six thousand years.

Emeralds are said to bring goodness into one’s life, symbolising compassion, patience and universal love.

Not only that, but they are also regarded as a health stone, able to aid in battling sickness, improving memory and promote spiritual, mental and physical balance.

They have been so popular in history that Cleopatra considered them her favourite gem, starting one of the earliest Emerald mines in human history.

Emeralds have also adorned every Russian crown jewel, as well as been a crucial gem in Indian culture, decorating the majority of ancient Indian talismans.

So, why not embrace your inner Queen and wear your own Emerald today. These 11 rings will make you feel as regal as can be, all while bringing goodness and good luck into your life.

Or better yet, why not step outside the norm and wear a stunning Emerald engagement ring?

What are you waiting for?!


1. This Simplistic Green Rock is the Perfect Statement


2. This Timeless Design


3. A Stunning Vintage Emerald That Will Have Everyone’s Attention


4. This Gorgeous Pear Shaped Ring


5. A Dainty Ring That Still Makes a Statement – YES PLEASE!


6. Perfectly Pairing Diamonds and Emeralds

Victoria Barbone Jewelry 

7. The Perfect Antique Emerald


8. Make Your Emerald the Centre of Attention


9. Make a Big Statement with an Oversized Emerald


10. A Simple Band Really Makes Your Emerald Pop


11. The Perfect Emerald Engagement Ring


Written by Ellen Kirkness 

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