The Funniest Tweets From Last Night’s Married At First Sight Dinner Party

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight‘s dinner party saw Cyclone Cyrell make her comeback yet again, and honestly, when that gets released onto the unsuspecting couples, we already know we’re in for a good time. The reasons why it was unleashed is still a little hazy to us, but to keep things short and sweet, this is what – we think – went down.

Mick is desperate to leave because there’s nothing other than friendship between him and Jess, but said ‘wife’ is keeping him in the experiment so she can get to know Dan. There’s nothing like a good old cheating scandal to spice things up, is there?

Now for some reason, this seriously bothers Cyrell, so she took it upon herself to have a chat with Jess about the wrongdoings of her actions. Cue Jess lying through her teeth and refusing to answer questions, a little backchatting and raised voices, and you’ve got yourself a Cyclone.

A few other things happened in the show like Billy once again looking like a sad preschooler, and Tamara trying to confront Jess, but obviously, they were all eclipsed by our favourite, Cyrell.

So you’ve got another MAFS episode and all its drama, which can only mean another round of gloriously hilarious tweets. Scroll down to see some of our favourite comments about last night’s episode.



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