There Are Two Types Of Men And You Need To Avoid One

Another day, another piece of Married At First Sight drama to satisfy all of our needs. Tonight though, we’re going to dig a little deeper.

In case you missed it, last night’s dinner saw Jess attempt to hit on not one, but two ‘married’ men. While there’s absolutely no doubt that her behaviour was wrong in every possible way, and to discuss it would require a whole article (or two), we’re here to instead talk about the behaviour of the two men being hit on, and which one you need to avoid at all costs.


Jess’ first target, Nic, handled his situation really well, and he’s the type of guy we’re telling you to keep around. If you find a Nic, keep him. Why?

Well, when Jess sat Nic down in a private room and asked if he was happy in his relationship and told him that she was sexually attracted to him, Nic reacted in a way that would make his mama proud. He laughed – a lot – and was very clearly uncomfortable, and responded by immediately shutting Jess down and removing himself from the situation. Ladies, that’s a man right there. Had he responded in any other way, he only would’ve added fuel to Jess’ fire, but with this reaction, the rejection was passed swiftly and cleanly, leaving zero room for any drama.


Now our second guy, intruder Dan, is a different story. He’s the guy you need to ditch ASAP.

When a defeated Jess turned her sights to newlywed Dan, she went hardcore flirtations with him and didn’t hold back. We’re talking untying the strings on her bodice to further expose her breasts, and using comments like, “I’m sure I could blow a little more smoke up that arse.” Excuse us while we throw up in our mouths.


But again, while Jess’ behaviour was horrendous, our concerns at the moment are with Dan.

During the entire interaction, at no point did Dan attempt to put an end to Jess’ flirtations. He responded to her comments; he didn’t make an effort to get up and leave and do the decent thing of going to sit next to his wife, absolutely nothing. And this is such a problem.

While there’s a chance that the viewer’s eyes were deceived and that Dan was uncomfortable, at no point did his actions reflect as such. We think that if there was a little gender swapping, and the situation was reversed, things wouldn’t have played out quite so simply.


So Fairies, if you ever find yourselves with a man who simply will not remove himself from a scenario that could easily end up disastrous and affect you and your relationship, then ditch him.

Or at the very least, have a long hard chat to him about it.

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