The Five Love Languages will change your relationship

Have you ever wondered why your partner just doesn’t understand you, or what you could do to make your other half feel loved? Well Fairies, the five Love Languages is one of the most talked about relationship strategies which has been proven to help communication and could be exactly what you need to maintain a positive relationship.

Dr Gary Chapman exposed the five languages to allow people in relationships to better understand each other. Think of the love language as a telescope looking into your heart, it helps you to discover the way you and your partner feel most loved.

So which love language fits you? Which one fits your hubby?


1. Words of Affirmation

This language uses words to affirm other people. Words of affirmation, or a simple “I love you” can sometimes go further than you think.

If this is your language?

If Words of Affirmation is your language, understand that it might not be as easy for your partner to express his feelings with words as what it is for you. However, affirmation doesn’t always have to be the spoken word. Explain to your hubby that writing a letter or sending a simple text message to let you know that he loves you can be enough to make you feel appreciated.

2. Acts of Service

For these people, actions speak louder than words. It’s not about telling your partner how you feel it’s about showing them.

If this is your language?

Understanding this love language involves physical action and ask you partner to SHOW you that he loves you, not just TELL you that he loves you. Acts of Service doesn’t necessarily mean serving your partner, it means going out of your way to help them with something, take them on a spontaneous date, or attend a function that’s important to them.

3. Reviving Gifts

Some people feel most loved by receiving gifts. Gifts are a ‘token of your love’ and this language sometimes speak the loudest.

If this is your language?

The language of gifts is about giving as well as receiving. We all love to be spoilt every once in a while and giving gifts shows your partner that you can be selfless and you enjoy spoiling them. It’s important to remember that you don’t want your partner to feel gifts are a way of ‘buying them’ so make sure you don’t go overboard – it’s less about how much you spend and more about the thought that goes into it.


4. Quality Time

This language is about quality rather than quantity. These people love nothing more than having their partners undivided attention.

If this is your language?

Who doesn’t love some quality time with their soulmate? In a long term relationship spending time with your partner can become part of your routine, so to bring the spark and excitement back into spending time together, try turning off the TV or banning your phones and instead engaging in real conversation with each other. For a partner who enjoys quality time this will make them feel loved more than anything.

5. Physical touch

Physical affection is needed by this person to feel love from their partner.

If this is your language?

Sometimes we forget how important the physical language is in a relationship. No we don’t mean sexually, we mean using your physical touch to express emotional love. Showing physical affection is a powerful communication tool between partners, a simple hug or kiss has the ability to make you and your partner feel connected, supported and loved.

Remember, you and your partner are individuals and need to be loved in different ways, try communicating with your partner in a language of love they understand.


Images from Rhiannon and Jody’s Wedding. Photography by Enchanted Wedding Photography.


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