6 things you need to know before Marrying a Sagittarius

If you’re marrying a Sagittarius, it’s safe to say you’re going to have an adventurous life! Your Sagittarian hubby-to-be is full of life, spontaneous and noble – and you can rest assured, he’ll always fight for what he believes in!

Fairies, here are 6 things you need to know about your Sag-lover before you walk down the aisle!

1. They’ll keep you on your feet

Whether it is near home or overseas the Sag man loves adventure! So make sure you always have a bag packed for those unexpected trips that might be booked!


2. They’re Romantic

Your Groom is a romantic idealist who knows how to treat his lady! He will keep you guessing with his romantic gestures and spontaneous gifts!

3. There Might Be a Temper Tantrum

Although he’s an absolute sweetheart, Sagittarians have an anger that’s incomparable to any of the other zodiac signs. They can get irate quickly and often lose their tempers – the best advice? Let them have their tantrum, because they will be over it within minutes!

4. They’re Baby-Daddy Material

If you want a man who will be an amazing hubby and baby-daddy, look no further! Sagittarius men have a natural ability to bond with kids, as well as the patience needed to care for bubs.


5. They’re the Social Butterflies

Your Sagittarian lover is a people-person who enjoys making new friends. Although he’s always up to meet new people, he is still extremely loyal to close friends!

6. They’re Positive

No matter what obstacle your Sag-man will face, he will always bring out the positive aspect of the situation and find a way to make sure you have a smile on your face!


Images from Hannah and Peter’s Wedding. Photography by Warren Photography.

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